New Orleans Times-Picayune: Jim Garrison Should Resign



From the New Orleans States-Item, March 1, 1969, p. 1:



District Attorney Jim Garrison should resign. He has shown himself unfit to hold the office of district attorney or any other office.

Mr. Garrison has abused the vast powers of his office. He has perverted the law rather than prosecuted it. His persecution of Clay L. Shaw was a perversion of the legal process such as has not been often seen.

Mr. Garrison's conspiracy case was built upon the quicksands of unreliability and in the end it did not stand up. A 12-man jury found unanimously that Mr. Shaw is innocent.

Clay L. Shaw has been vindicated, but the damage to his reputation caused by Mr. Garrison's witch hunt may never be repaired. It is all too shameful.

This travesty of justice is a reproach to the conscience of all good men and must not go unanswered. Mr. Garrison himself should now be brought to the bar to answer for his conduct.

Mr. Garrison should be the object of our scrutiny. His handling of the Shaw case, we believe, merits the closest examination by the state and local bar association.

This newspaper has been constrained from comment on the case by the guidelines which Mr. Garrison himself has consistently ignored. We have had to bite our tongue in the face of the injustice that unfolded before us.

But that is the case no more. The jury has spoken. Clay L. Shaw is innocent. And Mr. Garrison stands revealed for what he is: a man without principle who would pervert the legal process to his own ends.


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