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Subject: Uncle Dutz' Religious Retreat
Date: 29 Sep 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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New Orleans Times-Picayune   September 9, 1956   p1
Bookie Suspects Nabbed as Raid Hits Horse Play on Religious St.

       Police Saturday [8th] afternoon discovered some horse play on Religious st. and arrested men named Betz and Furlong.

       Sgt. Lawrence Cassanova, Sixth District station, headed the raid in which several of his men and members of the headquarters special [vice] squad walked in on what he said was "one of the biggest handbooks, wire services and recording centers found in recent months."

       Arrested for gambling and operating a handbook at 1712 Religious were Charles F. Murret, 55, 757 French, and Mortimar J. Lacoste, 48, 2805 Bell. Murret was in possession of a special $50 [federal] gambling stamp.

       Others found at the residence and arrested for aiding and abetting were Gus Betz Sr., Gus Betz Jr., both of 1712 Religious, and John T. Furlong, 1710 Religious.

       Two telephones and several extensions were listed under the name of Gus Betz Sr., police said.

       Murret told police he paid Betz $10 weekly to occupy quarters and had been at the Religious address about two and one-half months.

       Arresting officers found Murret and Lacoste seated at a kitchen table in the rear of the house. Gus Betz Jr. and Furlong were painting one of the other rooms. Later Gus Betz Sr. walked in.

       Capt. Cassanova said the establishment was "a first-class operation."

       The men were booked at the Sixth District station, and police carted off a drawerful of handbook paraphernalia from the kitchen table.

       While questioning Murret, police were informed that Tattiebogle won the fourth race at Atlantic City.

[end of article]

       I don't know what the final disposition of this case was.

Jerry Shinley

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