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Time-Life Exec Gives Cold War Speech at ITM 1948



Subject: Time-Life Exec Gives Cold War Speech at ITM 1948
Date: 14 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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       Citations from the New Orleans Times-Picayune:
Nov 5, 1948 P25
Trade Mart Sets Dedication Nov 29
       Nov 29-30, nationally known speakers
Nov 24, 1948 P15
Addresses Will Be Feature of Trade Mart Dedication
Ceremonies to Take Place on Monday and Tuesday
       "William McChesney Martin, president of the Import- Export Bank, Mayor Aloys P. Kaufmann of St. Louis, and Andrew Heiskell, publisher of Life magazine, will appear on the dedication program."
Nov 27, 1948 P15
Water from Six Rivers Given Mart
[pic of Clay Shaw]

       "Water from six rivers in the trade area of the port of New Orleans was presented to Clay Shaw, managing director of the International Trade Mart.
       "The waters of the six rivers will be combined with Mississppi water in a jereboam that will be shattered against the trade mart building, in ship launching style...
       "The water was flown in by two airlines serving the trade area. Miss Debbie Chappell, Chicago and Southern Airlines, Inc., hostess presented Shaw with bottles of water from the Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee rivers. Miss Betty Beazley of Midcontinent Airlines, Inc. presented bottles of water from the Missouri, Arkansas, and Red rivers."
Nov 28, 1948 P2
International Trade Mart Week Will Begin on Monday
Dedication Ceremonies to be Held Tuesday
Nov 29, 1948 P1
High Ranking Diplomats Praise International Trade Mart Idea
See Gain in Latin American Import-Export Traffic
Nov 29, 1948 P15
[Mayor Chep] Morrison Asserts Program is Based Upon Teamwork
Says Trade Mart Attains Jefferson Prophecy
       "... this modern market place truly enables New Orleans to attain the prophecy uttered by Thomas Jefferson almost 150 years ago that 'New Orleans will forever be the mighty mart of merchandise.'"
Nov 30, 1948 P1
[Theodore] Brent's Inter-American Work Rewarded at Mart Dedication
1947 Silver Trophy is Presented at Banquet
Dec 1, 1948 P3
Port Leaders are Praised at World Trade Mart Dedication
Soviet [sic] Must be Contained, Publisher Warns
       "Andrew Heiskell, publisher of Life magazine, warned here Tuesday that the Russians will ultimately be strong enough to fight us if they are not contained.
       "The 33-year old executive was principal speaker at the St. Charles Hotel luncheon sponsored by the Association of Commerce as a feature of the International Trade Mart's dedication.
       "Heiskell said the containment cost will run into billions of dollars but said the price would be 'but a fraction of what we will pay should Soviet power catch up to ours.'
       "He said once Russian gains that military strength she will 'give no quarter and set no limit on her ambition to rule the world.'"

Jerry Shinley

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