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Subject: Those darn guest registers
Date: Tue, 07 September 1999 08:10 AM EDT
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New Orleans Times-Picayune   August 26, 1955   P9

Remoulade by Howard Jacobs
McCarthy Unobserved Here? Hoax, Conclusion

       The junior senator from Wisconsin is no longer any great shakes as a public figure, but his name still suffices to raise eyebrows.

       That is why Clay Shaw, managing director of International Trade Mart, did a double take when he glanced at the faculty's registration book. There under District of Columbia was recorded in neat penmanship as follows: Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C.

       Nobody could be found who rightly remembered having seen the junior senator. But a receptionist recalled spotting a mysterious figure in dark glasses prowling the corridors of the mart. It was finally concluded, however, that the signature was a hoax. Nobody could imagine the junior senator going anywhere unobtrusively.

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