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Subject: Tom Bethell and Ed Epstein
Date: 08 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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The New Yorker July 13, 1968
A Reporter at Large
by Edward J. Epstein
       Another confidential witness with whom Garrison has spent a good deal of time is a Dallas ex-convict who has recently been under suspicion in Texas for attempted murder. According to Thomas Bethell, this witness "drops into the office at fairly frequent intervals and readily identifies almost anyone you show him a photograph of."
       A member of Garrison's staff who has worked on the investigation since its inception has described the contributions of the amateurs this way: The trouble with these third rate students is that the only way they can make an impression on Garrison is by coming up with flamboyant nonsense, thus hoping to be hired as someone with original ideas. They therefore represent a serious threat to the sanity of the investigation. One of them has a bad habit of steering Garrison into crackpot directions, such as the 'Storm Drain Theory,' to which Garrison tends to be susceptible.

[end of quotes]
       In the book _Counterplot_, which was expanded from this article, the above paragraph begins "Tom Bethell, who worked..." (p69, Viking edition). On p vii, Epstein expresses his indebtedness "to Thomas Bethell and Jones Harris, who kept me abreast of developments in the District Attorney's office."
       So Tom Bethell was named as a source in an article critical of Garrison's investigation in July of 1968, and no one on Garrison's staff caught on?

Jerry Shinley

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