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Sam Newman and the Orleans Political Association



Sam Newman and the OPA
Author: jpshinley
Date: 1998/08/20

       During the campaign for the New Orleans municipal elections of 1962, an exciting new political group came into being: the Orleans Political Association. The founder of this distinguished assemblage was a private detective named Colonel Eugene Dooling. He named a slate of ward leaders. Some of the names may be familiar to you:
       Ward  6   J. S. Martin
       Ward  7   Sam Newman
       Ward 10   D. F. Lewis
So Sam Newman, landlord of the fabled Newman Building at the corner of Camp and Lafayette, was a member of a political group which featured Jack Martin and David Lewis as ward "leaders." I believe that in his HSCA deposition, Newman mentioned that Dooling had the use of a room on the little known third floor of 544 Camp. There's also an anecdote about Dowling in Lindy Boggs' autobiography.
Citations from the New Orleans Times-Picayune
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OPA Factions's Accounts Vary
Several Resign before Unanimous Vote
Jack Martin Quits

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