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Subject: Shaw's Fingerprint Cards
Date: 24 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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       From Ptn. Aloysius Habighorst Shaw testimony (as previously posted be Dave Reitzes):
1       Q       What is your procedure, Officer Habighorst,
2                   in fingerprinting someone? What questions
3                   do you ask, if any?
4       A       Get from them their age, the full name --
5                   first, middle and last -- place of birth,
6                   date of birth, height, weight, color
7                   eyes and hair, and any other names that
8                   they may use or may be known by.
       Listing of information from Shaw's NOPD fingerprint card as reproduced in _Destiny Betrayed_ by Jim DiEugenio (p200):
Residence   1313 Daupaine [sic?] ST N.O.La.  
Occupation   Retired  
Place of Birth   N.O.La.  
Build Heavy
Complexion   Fair
Hair Gray
Eyes Blue
Birth Date   3-17-13  
Age 53
Weight 225
Height 6'4''
       Listing of information from Habighorst's copy of the FBI version of the fingerprint card as reproduced in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, July 30, 1968, S1-P15:
DATE OF BIRTH   MARCH 17, 1913  
       Listing of information from Clay Shaw's booking sheet as reproduced in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, July 30, 1968, S1-P15:
[I couldn't read the headings]
       1313 DAUPHINE ST.
       NEW ORLEANS, LA.       3-17-13
             6-4 225 GREY BLUE FAIR HEAVY
       From p. 755 "Who's Who in the South & Southwest 1963/1964" (emphasis added): [as previously posted by Jim Hargrove]
       "Shaw, Clay, business exec.; b. Kentwood , La., Mar. 17, 1913; s. Claris Lenora and Alice Rebecca (Harrington) S.; unmarried. Exec. Western Union Telegraph Co., N.Y. City, 1932-1933; consultant pub. relations and advt., N.Y., 1935-40; organizer, became mng. dir. Internat. Trade Mart, New Orleans, La; ** MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS PERMINDEX ." ** [Remainder of listing omitted]
       [end of excerpts]
       The two fingerprint cards (out of five made the night of March 1, 1967) that I've seen reproductions of list Shaw's place of birth as "N.O.La." (NOPD file card) or "NEW ORLEANS, LA." (Habighorst's copy of FBI card). In fact, as show in the Who's Who listing above, Shaw was born in Kentwood, La, which is near the Mississippi border.
From this, I draw two conclusions:

1. It is highly unlikely that Habighorst obtained the information listed on the fingerprint card from questioning Shaw, who surely knew, even under the pressure of being arrested, where he was born.
2. If signing these cards doesn't mean Shaw was born in New Orleans, then it doesn't mean he used the alias "Clay Bertrand." If Shaw looked at these cards at all before signing them, he didn't look very closely.

Jerry Shinley

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