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Subject: Ross Banister : HSCA Interview
Date: 31 Dec 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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RECORD NUMBER : 180-10082-10170
DATE : 02/20/78
       The above was interviewed by the undersigned [Martin J. Daly] and Inv. Buras. Subject was the brother of Guy BANISTER. Mr. BANISTER states that when Guy retired from the F.B.I. he desired to come South so Ross contacted Gus [sic] MORRISON and GUY got the job as Assistant Supt. of Police because of the P.D. scandals. He became a controversial figure and was FIRED/QUIT. He subsequently opened a Private Detective agency in New Orleans. Each time that ROSS visited GUY in New Orleans his (GUY) office appeared very busy with many people coming and going but he knew GUY was in financial trouble because on one occassion he loaned GUY $300.00. On the night of GUY's death the office was 'raided' for files. Ross thinks that Delphine ROBERTS and possibly Bill NITSCHKE took the records, while MARY [Banister?] felt that either the F.B.I. OR C.I.A. took them. ROSS states that GUY attempted to involve him in several of his deals, a diamond and emerald mine; taking Mahogany by helicopter out of either Columbia or Venezuela; but being a very cautious man he declined. Further states that GUY was at one point involved in helping the President of Columbia in setting up a National Police Force. Mentions several times that GUY was a dedicated Anti- Communist, and maintained extensive files on all sorts of subversive activity. Had his secretaries cut out newspaper articles pertaining to these activities. ROSS felt that GUY was cooperating with the F.B.I. throughout his retirement from the Bureau.
       States that GUY was extremely interested in the Assassination investigation. GUY told him that he believed and was convinced that a conspiracy existed and he did not believe that OSWALD could have done it alone. ROSS states that GUY never mentioned the C.I.A. except that after the Assassination he said that 'Clay SHAW was being paid $100.00 a month by the C. I. A. because he was an informant for them.'
       ROSS further stated that GUY told him that he SAW Lee Harvey OSWALD handing out F. P. C. C. literature. ROSS advances the theory that the reason OSWALD used 544 Camp Street was due to GUY mounting a public campaign via the States-Item newspaper effectively killing the sale of jeeps to CUBA and THAT is why OSWALD used the Camp Street address in an attempt to embarrass GUY. One of the people that GUY told ROSS was working for him was Bill NITSCHKE.
       Just subsequent to the Assassination GUY felt that FERRIE had received a 'raw deal' but that later he cooled that feeling.
       He states that Major WYLIE, former La. State Police Officer is in reality Russell WILLIE who upon his retirement from them went to work for the D. O. T. (home address and telephone number obtained). WILLIE is the one who purchased GUY's records from Mary BANISTER for the sum of $500.00.
[end of interview]

Jerry Shinley

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