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Russo to the Grand Jury on Castro, Ferrie, JFK



Subject: Russo to the Grand Jury on Castro, Ferrie, JFK
Date: 08 May 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Orleans Parish Grand Jury Proceedings
Special Investigation

March 22, 1967



pp 69-71

Q. Did you have any occasion to hear anyone say what was the motivating fact [sic] for doing in the President?

A. Now you would have to back up a couple of years with Ferrie. It was Ferrie again. I don't know if it was the motivating factor with Bertrand and Oswald was - but I can tell you the motivating factor of Ferrie was. Back in 1962, I guess, whenever the blockade started, all before that he was all - Castro had to go, Castro was this and this and all that Kind of stuff - Castro had served his purpose, he had helped get rid of Baptista [sic], he had helped get rid of private property, he had helped get rid of all these private enterpise things, I don't know if Ferrie was a communist or not, but anyway he had reached a point now that he couldn't go any further, he would never let the government go kapoot and disappear, he was always going to be be [sic] there and if it wasn't him it was going to be Raoul, if it wasn't Raoul it would be (inaudible), or somebody like that - I knew the whole Hierarchy of Cuba - all right, then Kennedy came along and put a blockade in and then Ferrie turned the most violent - he never talked that much about Kennedy before, he turned around like a pfoof [sic] - and all the hate, I don't mean hate, but the idea of Castro wanting to get rid of him turned into hate against Kennedy for he idolized the Spanish people - Kennedy was now starving the Spanish people, all this bullshit about letting medicine go through was a bunch of bullshit, he said he knew because he had been down there and there wasn't letting medicine go through he said he was starving the Cuban people, said he had already bankrupt them by American tourists not going there and spending their money - and he said now he was getting this organization of Americas [sic] States he said they would put all these economic sanctions and all that stuff and he said Kennedy was a real no-good fellow, he didn't phrase it that way but that's what he meant. Well you know what provoked that - because I was critical of Kennedy's policies in that area, I was critical of the fact that he allowed the Russians to build up and all that. I would say the first word and he would start talking for hours, hours and hours. This was when he was at the height of his glory I guess. And he changed from this anti-Castro program, get rid of Castro, to get rid of Kennedy, get him out of the picture, he said Johnson would be a better president anyway as he was more concerned with domestic problems. He said he knew how to handle the Senate, had been in it for years, said he was a majority leader and all that kind of humbug, and he said listen, if we get rid of Kennedy he said Johnson will make a much better President, he said he knows much more about Congress, and he'll be a much better President. He said he's not that much anti-Cuban, says he is more for the people. Ferrie was interested in that and whether that was the motive or not, I don't know. And whether this is by luck or chance they all got together, I don't know. But Ferrie was, you know ...

[end of excerpt]

"I don't know if Ferrie was a communist or not"

"Kennedy was now starving the Spanish people"

So Ferrie was upset at JFK for the trade embargo, travel ban and OAS sanctions AGAINST Castro's Cuba? He was concerned that people of Cuba had enough food and medicine? Some people allege he was firebombing sugarcane fields. Russo didn't know if Ferrie was a communist or not? And we're supposed to be imprrssed that a grand jury indicted Shaw based on this testimony?

Jerry Shinley

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