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QK/ENCHANT: Non--issue?



Subject: QK/ENCHANT: Non--issue?
Date: 26 Apr 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <8e6n29$qga$>

I now think that the key part of the CIA memo from which the QK/ENCHANT info originated is contained in two paragraphs on the first page:

RIF : 104-10012-10017
DATE : 04/26/1967

Enclosure 21 Clay Shaw


2. Standard background information on Subject (parents, marital status, records of education and employment, etc.) is lacking because SHAW was a contact of the Domestic Contact Service.

3. Traces on Subject have been run in RID/Main Index, the index of the Office of Security and the Central Cover Staff. The first showed only a 1951 FBI interview with SHAW about a former employee of the New Orleans Trade Mart. The second showed that OO/Contacts Division had requested a name trace about 1949 and that the check of FBI records then conducted was negative. Central Cover Staff has no record.


[end excerpt]

This clearly shows that the CIA did not possess the information to run a thorough security check on Shaw and that the only Office of Security record on Shaw was the 1949 name check. If Shaw had been approved for QK/ENCHANT, that should have come up during the Office of Security check.

Jerry Shinley

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