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Putting the Hat on Clay Shaw



Subject: Putting the Hat on Clay Shaw
Date: 24 Aug 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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       From the Shaw trial transcript. Questions by Irv Dymond. Answers by Clay Shaw:

             Q Since being discharged from the Military Service, have
                   you ever owned a hat?
             A No, I have not.
             Q Have you ever worn a hat?
             A No, I have not.
             Q Do you own a hat at the present time?
             A No, I do not.

       Here we see that Dymond wants to get across the idea that Shaw did not wear or own a hat during the post WW II period. To do so, he asks multiple questions. He covers different relationships one may have with a hat, "owning" and "wearing." He asks a redundant question. Let's compare this to his question about the CIA:

             Q Mr. Shaw, have you ever worked for the Central Intelligence
             A No, I have not.
             Q Have you ever worked for any other Government agency,
                   other than your being in the United States Army during the War?
             A My Army service is the only Government service I have ever

       Here he asks a single question about the CIA and another about "any" government agency. He only explicitly asks about "working for" the CIA. Since Dymond does not elicit testimony about other possible relationships one may have with a government agency, I think it is a fair inference that he did not intend to preclude those possibilities. If he had, I believe he would have asked multiple questions, including some redundant ones, as he did in dealing with the hat issue.

       Of course, heaven help us if someone finds a picture of Shaw wearing a party hat.

Jerry Shinley

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