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The Political Triumphs of W. Guy Banister



The Political Triumphs of W. Guy Banister
Author: jpshinley
Date: 1998/07/06

       In early 1961, Guy Banister made an unsuccessful run for the office of New Orleans City Councilman-at-large. Here are some interesting quotes from his candidate profile:

I take a positive stand in favor of segregation of the races. There are 15 active organizations in New Orleans promoting integration of the races. Ten of these organizations are Communist fronts or have submitted to Communist influence and direction. As council-man-at large, I can be helpful in nullifying the machinations of these Communist agents and help in maintaining peace and harmony in the city.

       The Citizens' Council of Gentilly, one of the local branches of the Citizens' Council of Greater New Orleans, announced, through its chairman L. P. Davis, Jr., that it was "backing the candidacy of Guy Banister."

Citations from the New Orleans Times-Picayune

February 26, 1961 S1-P25 (includes photo)
Banister Tells Aims, Positions
Statement Gives Stands on Various Issues

March 19, 1961 S1-P21
Citizens' Council Opposes Change

Jerry Shinley

"There's never been a great man without a good espionage system."
                   -- Guy Banister


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