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Plot to Kill Guy Banister???



Subject: Plot to Kill Guy Banister???
Date: 29 Dec 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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RECORD NUMBER : 1801007610041
[Headwritten:] Lead File
In '63 or '64
Reported that Dick White, Pres. 1st Natl - Gretna
high official of Freeport Sulphur and Clay Shaw were
flown to Cuba (probably taking off from Harvey Canal
area in Freeport private plane, piloted by Ferrie.
Purpose, to set up import of Cuba's nickle ore to a
Canadian 'front' Corp, which would in turn ship to
Braithwaite Nickle Plant. Plant was built by U. S.
Government at cost of about 20 million.
Report is that combine of Freeport, White and Shaw
purchased plant for $1 million and intended to get
ore thru Canadian Corp they had formed.
Report further: Guy Bannister [sic] then hired Ferrie
and Jack Martin as investigators to check out the
nickle plant deal.
Further: Salisbury (W. S. Young Const. Co. lineman)
who was involved in robbery and accused of trying to
bribe a La. State Policeman, was hired to kill Bannister [sic].
(Salisbury later successfully fought extradition from Ga.)
In some way a Will Riggs, who was reported dead off the
coast of Florida under mysterious circumstances) is
rumored to have been mixed up in this deal.
[end of excerpts]

Jerry Shinley

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