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Pro-Garrison Advertisement 3/18/69



Subject: Pro-Garrison Advertisement 3/18/69
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New Orleans Times-Picayune March 18, 1969 S1-P13

[Full page advertisement]

'Humanity May Triumph Over Power But it Will Not Happen Automatically'

                         Jim Garrison Once Said -

"Man must overcome his indifference if justice is to prevail." He spoke of the silence surrounding the death of President Kennedy. He alone of all public officials in America has met the obligation imposed by his his office and the dictates of his conscience, even though it was apparent from the outset that he might jeopardize his career.

Our country needs more district attorneys like Jim Garrison who are not afraid to stand up for justice and truth even at the price of losing popularity with some of the news media.

We are proud of Jim Garrison, for in times of crisis our nation needs, and remarkably almost always produces, that rare breed of man who is more than a summer soldier or flag-waving patriot.

Jim Garrison has stood almost alone in his effort to tell his fellow- man about the death of John F. Kennedy. He stands alone no longer. WE WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION OUR SUPPORT AND RESPECT FOR THIS MAN OF COURAGE.

[signed by ~250 people]

Eberhard P. Deutsch


This message paid for by Citizens of New Orleans Committee, chairman Dr. Frank Minyard

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Jerry Shinley

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