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Subject: Oswald and CORE
Date: 4/26/99 10:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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CE 1928 23H722
                                                 Date: November 27, 1963
       ROBERT LAWRENCE HELLER, 4703 Freret Street, advised he resides in the upstairs apartment at this address and has a telephone number 899-8631. He advised at this time he is employed part time with television station WYES and also Motion Picture Advertising, 1032 Carondolet Street. HELLER stated that he is not personally acquainted with LEE HARVEY OSWALD as he has never met this individual, however, sometime during the month of August, 1963, he was at the location on Canal and Carondolet Streets when he observed OSWALD handing leaflets for Fair Play for Cuba. At this time he observed that OSWALD was being "pushed around" by several male individuals he identified as Cubans and that these individuals were actually taking the leaflets from OSWALD and destroying the same and causing a considerable disturbance. As a result of this disturbance, OSWALD was arrested by the New Orleans Police Department and he believes was taken to jail. HELLER advised that he is unable to give the specific date of OSWALD's arrest at this time but he believes this can be checked with the New Orleans Police Department. He is of the opinion that this was some time during the month of August, 1963.
       As a result of this arrest he contacted attorney JACK NELSON and advised him of OSWALD's predicament because he felt OSWALD would probably be needing an attorney in this instance. He advised that he is not aware of what action, if any, NELSON may have taken in connection with OSWALD. HELLER advised that this was the only occasion he was ever seen OSWALD and has no further information as far as OSWALD is concerned.
New Orleans Times-Picayune Dec 11, 1960 S1-P4
Handbills Net Arrest of Nine
Six Whites and Three Negroes Urge Boycotts
       Six white persons and three Negroes were arrested in the central business district Saturday [10th] afternoon for handing out handbills urging store boycotts.
       First District police booked them on two counts of violating city ordinanaces. One was for distributing the handbills and the other was for given them out without a permit.
       Seven young men and two young women were involved. One of the Negro youths was identified as being from Dillard university and four white youths were said to be Tulane university students.
       Police said they were members of the Congress of Racial Equality.
       A police report said they were giving out bills asking persons not to buy at either F.W. Woolworth or McCrory stores.
       The arrests were made in the 1000 block of canal, the 1000 block of Iberville and the 100 block of N. Rampart. There are Woolwoth's and McCrory's stores at this location.
       Those arrested were held Saturday afternoon in lieu of a $50 bond for each.
       Arrested were:
       Herbert A. Johnson, 27, 4710 N. Robertson;
                   David J. Dennis, Negro, 20, 115 Camphor Hall, Dillard university;
           [-->] Robert L. Hiller [sic], 18,
                   Allan Nathanson, 18, and
                   Steve N. Blank, 19, all giving 31 McAllister dr., Tulane
                               university as their address;
                   Stephen S. Chauvin, 19, 127 Irby House, Tulane university;
                   Rudolph L. Muse, Negro, 18, 226 Magnolia;
                   Evelyn Villia, Negro, 18, 3631 Erato; and
                   Margaret B. Leonard, 18, 21 McAllister dr., Tulane university.
       Arresting policewomen were Mrs. Ilda Rankin and Mrs. Zulma Harris.
       Later Saturday, all nine persons were released for subsequent appearance in court. Blank and Nathanson posted $50 bonds, and the others were paroled by persons having parole authority, police said.
New Orleans Times-Picayune Dec 14, 1960 S1-P17
Student Fined for Leaflets
Eight Other Persons Released on Bond
       An 18-year-old student has pleaded guilty to charges of passing out leaflets urging a Negro boycott of two downtown stores. Eight other persons pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial.
       Steve Blank, 18, 31 McAllister dr., a Tulane student was sentenced by municipal court judge Paul Garofalo to pay a $10 fine or serve 10 days in jail. He paid the fine.
       The eight others were realeased om $100 bond. No date has been set for their trial.
       The nine were arrested Saturday [10th] and booked for distributing leaflets without a permit, as required by city ordinance. All were identified as members of the Congress of Racial Equality.
       The leaflets asked Negroes not to patronize stores where unsuccessful efforts have been made to integrate eating facilities. [i.e. sit-ins]
       Those awaiting trial are:
       [...] Robert Heller [...]
[end of articles] -
       The Jack Nelson who Heller says he contacted is probably John P. Nelson, a lawyer who worked for CORE.

Jerry Shinley

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