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N.O. Lawyers Endorse Garrison



Subject: N.O. Lawyers Endorse Garrison
Date: Thu, 14 October 1999 08:13 AM EDT
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New Orleans Times-Picayune Nov 7, 1969 S1-P2
Political Advertisement

We, the undersigned members of the legal profession of the City of New Orleans [...] do endorse and support Jim Garrison as District Attorney for the Parish of Orleans.

[Here are the names I recognize:]

G. Wray Gill. Sr.

[Marcello's lawyer, Ferrie's employer]

Sam Monk Zelden

[Dean Andrews' lawyer. This one is really strange. During Garrison first term Zelden was president of the Criminal Courts Bar Association. He sided with the judges in their dispute with Jim Garrison and issued a number of statements blasting Garrison. In this, he was associated with Harry Connick, who was Garrison main opponent in the 1969 election.]

Guy Johnson

[Guy Banister's lawyer, and briefly Clay Shaw's.]

Cy Courtney

[Kent's brother]

Thomas Baumler

[Former Banister agent.]

A. P Tureaud

[Noted African-American civil rights lawyer.]

[end of excerpts]

Jerry Shinley

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