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New Orleans Honors Returning Bay of Pigs Veterans



Subject: N. O. Honors Returning Bay of Pigs Vets
Date: 31 Dec 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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       Citations from the New Orleans Times-Picayune.
Jan 7, 1963 S2-P4
Freed Cubans Given Honors
Archbishop, Mayor Pay Tribute to Four
       Archbishop John Patrick Cody [later Cardinal Cody of Chicago] and Mayor Victor H. Schiro joined Sunday to honor four returned prisoners from the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
       Honored were Miguel Uria, Ramiro Montalvo, Juan Bringuier, and Alberto Fowler.
       Two of the men were unable to attend... Fowler was represented by his mother, Mrs. Lise Fowler, and Bringuier by his brother, Carlos Bringuier.
[end of article]
       Just a bit more about brother Juan:
CE 1413 22 H 822-824
Memo to Presley J. Trosclair, Jr.
From Sgt Horace J. Austin and Patn. Warren Roberts August 9, 1963
Carlos Bringuier was asked to list his family members. Here is what he said about Juan:
Juan Feliepe Binguier, age 35 (brother), born in Cuba, entered the U. S. December 24, 1962, resides in New York City, is unmarried.
       Also of interest: At a Washington's Birthday ceremony, N. O. CRC delegate Frank Bartes presented a certificate of appreciation to newsman Bill Stuckey.
Feb 23, 1963 S1-P12
Move to Unify Elector's Slates Advised
Editor Urges Action at SAR [Sons of the American Revolution] Luncheon
The headline refers to a speech by George Shannon, editor of the Shreveport Journal. The article then goes on the mention other Washington's Birthday activities, including the CRC ceremony.

Jerry Shinley

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