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Jim Garrison and the Murder in the Gaslight Bar



Subject: Jim Garrison and the Murder in the Gaslight Bar
Date: Wed, Dec 2, 1998 15:17 EST
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       I've already posted the references to how in a TV debate with then incumbent DA Richard Dowling, Jim Garrison , armed with an affidavit from Jack Martin, charged that a Dowling ADA had threatened bail bondsman W. Hardy Davis if Davis didn't come up with a campaign contribution. Dowling produced his own affidavit from Davis, denying the charge.
       After his election, JG went after Davis, setting up a sting in parish prison to get Davis on a charge of using an unlicensed bondsman to solicit a prisoner. As icing on the cake, JG also arranged for Davis to be set-up on a crime against nature charge at the time of his arrest on the bonding violation. (In OTTOTA, JG claims the feds tried to set *him* up on the same sort of charge). William Livesay, a waiter at [the Court of Two Sisters] was used to set-up Davis in Livesay's apartment. Livesay, and another informant of Pershing Gervais', David Acock, also set-up Eugene C. Davis on a charge of receiving stolen goods from a burglary committed by Livesay and Acock. (Davis is the guy Dean Andrews identified as the "real" Clay Bertrand. I don't know if he's connected to Hardy Davis.) [In an e-mail of December 28, 2000, Livesay writes, "My apartment was not used in the W. Hardy Davis frame up. I never burglarized an apartment with Acock nor sold any stolen merchandise to Eugene Davis. I always had cordial relations with Gene Davis and could never understand why he would want to have me beaten up."--DR]
       No good deed goes unpunished. When another satisfied customer, Harold Sandoz, beat Acock, JG's office retaliated by setting off the heralded Bourbon Street cleanup. An associate of Gene Davis, who sought Livesay at the Gaslight Bar , had the leg of a barstool driven through his head by Livesay. After police arrested Livesay, they uncovered the burglary and charged Livesay, Gene Davis, and Acock.
       Livesay languished in parish prison awaiting trial. Hubert Badeaux, former head of the NOPD Intelligence Squad under Guy Banister and at this time a representative of the Bourbon Street Association of Night Clubs, BANC, formed in reaction to JG's raids, and Major Presly Trosclair interviewed Livesay with an eye to getting Pershing Gervais. Trosclair played a tape of the interview to the Grand Jury behind JG's back. Gervais was also being investigated for beating Harold Sandoz. When, JG got wind of the investigations, he counterattacked by accusing nine poilicemen of brutality for incidents he'd previously ignored. Eventually, JG and Police Superintendant Giarusso meet and resolved their differences. The Grand Jury no-billed Gervais and three policemen. ("Let Justice be done though the heavens fall!"). Livesay went on trial. There was testimony that Gene Davis and Hardy Davis had been framed at Gervais' behest. Lou Ivon testified about the set-up of Hardy Davis at Livesay's apartment. Livesay was found guilty and sentenced to life. The whole incident became largely forgotten, until the DA race of 1965 when Mac O'Hara questioned, strangely, why JG hadn't prosecuted Hardy Davis on the bonding violation. In a full page ad, JG offered a careful, somewhat sanitized, explanation of how his investigators had 'entrapped' Davis. The more fetid aspects of the case seem to have been ignored.
       After the assassination, as documented in FBI files, Jack Martin went to Hardy Davis with his suspicions about David Ferrie. Together, Davis, who had been involved in Ferrie's 1961 arrest as a bondsman, and Martin convinced themselves that Ferrie's library card had been found on LHO. Davis also wrote a book about his case, _Aiming for the Jugular in New Orleans_.
Citations from the New Orleans Times-Picayune
Feb 20, 1962 S3-P2
Dowling, Garrison Clash During Lengthy Debate
TV debate.
JG presented an affidavit from a source that a Dowling assistant had threatend bail bondsman W. Hardy Davis if Davis didn't come across with a campaign contribution. Dowling presented an affidavit from Davis denying this.
March 2, 1962 S1-P22
Dowling Wrong, Martin Replies
Jack S. Martin was JG's source on W. Hardy Davis. Dowling said he had been in and out of mental institutions, which Martin denies.
June 9, 1962 S1-P1
2 Men Booked in Bonding Case
DA Charges Fee Paid to Unlicensed Agent
W. Hardy Davis, Peter Hand
"Joseph Max Lopez", DA agent posing as prisoner on bogus charge
Peter Hand, with a cancelled bonding license, approached Lopez in parish prison.
June 12, 1962 S1-P1
Trio Arrested in Bond Cases
Follow Up Action Taken by DA's Office
Mrs. Doris Davis, Clifton James, Jack Hyman
marked money found in desk drawer [a parallel to JG's future arrest]
June 13, 1962 S1-P1
Secret Probing Stirs Criticism
Undercover Agent Eyes Bonding Activity
Sheriff Louis Heyd, "miffed" that he was not informed about "Lopez"
June 15, 1962 S1-P1
Intimidation Charges Hinted
Two Bonding Agents Arrested, One Armed
Jack Hyman, Clifton James, caught heading to home of "Lopez"
Claimed they had an obligation to surrender him since they have learned that he gave a false name and address.
Frank Klein skeptical.
June 16, 1962 S3-P5
Bail Bondsmen get [Grand Jury] Subpoena
James, Hyman

       "One of the two other bondsmen in the case, W.Hardy Davis ... subsequently was charged by the district attorney with committing a crime against nature.
       "Garrison said Davis was committing an indecent act with another man at the time of his arrest in a Dauphine St. apartment last Saturday.
       "However, the other man was not charged, and first district police said he was not booked."
July 17, 1962 S1-P11
Hearing is Set for Bondsmen
Judge Acts on Request of Defense
Clifton James, charged with representing Peter Hand
Judge Oliver P. Schulingkamp
Edward G. Koch, James' Lawyer
July 25, 1962 S1-P15
DA, Judge May Be Witnesses
Garrison, Cocke, Subpoenaed in Bail Bond Case
Joseph Max Lopez revealed to be Max Gonzales
Gervais also subpenaed
July 28, 1962 S1-P12
Bonding Figure is Surrendered
Suspect in Violation Released Again
W. Hardy Davis surrendered by Clifton James, released on bond.
Charles Ward, ADA, files bill of information, causing scheduled hearing to be cancelled.
July 31, 1962 S1-p13
'Speedy Trial' Plea Granted
Defense Motion Filed for Accused Bondsmen
Aug 8 said to be good day for trial
Guy Johnson lawyer for Mrs. Davis
J. David McNeill lawyer for Peter Hand
G. Wray Gill, Sr. lawyer for Hyman and Hardy Davis
July 28, 1962 S1-P17
Theft Forgery Suspects Held
7 Arrested in Case of Money Orders
Arrests made by Pershing Gervais, Lou Ivon, Raymond Comstock
5 men, 2 women. Money orders stolen in Chicago 6 months before. 12 people arrested in 5 week investigation.
Sara Jane Hughes
James D. Meyers
Robert Moran
Michael Newman
Harold Sandoz [will later beat David Acock]
Melvin Stout
Ethel Bordenaro
2 women dance on Bourbon St.
Aug 6, 1962 S3-P23
Police Reports
Charges Filed After Beating
Man is Pistol-Whipped About Face, Head
Harold Sandoz, Jr. arrested by Pershing Gervais, 1st District Cops
David Acock, victim
Aug 7, 1962 S1-P1
Quarter Vice Drive Opened
D.A., Poilice to Co-operate in Crackdown
JG on annual military leave
Acock was a witness against Sandoz in a case involving theft and forgery of $10k of American Express money orders. Sandoz arrested July 27. Bourbon Street raids are retaliation for beating of witness.
Aug 11, 1962 S1-P1
Murder Charge is Filed After Killing in Quarter
William R. Livesay killed Perry Elwood Tettenburn at the Gaslight Bar.
Aug 12, 1962 S1-P1
Quarter Raids Net 31 Persons
Crackdown is Continued by Vice Squad
Long list of people picked up for loitering at Gaslight Bar
Aug 15, 1962 S1-P20
Charges Filed in Bar Slaying
Livesay Also Implicated in Burglaries-Police
Tettenburn was trying to obtain Livesay's address for Eugene C. Davis, so Livesay could be "worked over." Davis had bought stolen property from Livesay. David Acocks, real name Richard Wilfred David, and Livesay had burglarized a residence at 1215 Royal on July 7.
Sold Hi-Fi and TV to Davis. Police now charge Davis, Livesay, and Acock with burglary.
May 10, 1963 S1-P5
Police Probing His Office--DA
Garrison Lauds Gervais Role in Crackdown
May 16, 1963 S1-P1
DA Claims Police Brutality; Charges Refused - Giarusso
Garrison Office Has Data, Eyed Cases, Claim
Garrison lists charges. pledges action.
May 17, 1963 S1-P10
9 Policemen Charged by DA
Formal Accusals Filed in Brutality Claims
May 18, 1963 S1-P10
Not Suspending 9 - Giarusso
Says DA Must Show Additional Evidence
May 22, 1963 S2-P7
Murder Trial is Continued
Livesay Attorneys Seeking Gervais Testimony
Trail set for June 18
May 24, 1963 S1-P1
Five Brutality Cases Against Police Refused
To be Presented to Grand Jury, Says Garrison
May 25, 1963 S1-P1
Garrison Raps Mayor, Police
Sees Attempt to Get Something on Office
JG says there was police investigation at the time of the first raids
"There must be a tie-in with the top command and organized racketeers."
May 26, 1963 S1-P8
NOPD-Badeaux Ties Allged
Investigation of Gervais Charged by DA
Hubert Badeaux, associated with Bourbon Street nightclub owners, and Major Presly Trosclair, interviewed a prisoner on tape. Trosclair tried to present the tape to the Grand Jury, without Garrison's knowledge.
[In _Case Closed_, Badeaux is quoted as saying JG was paranoid. Yet, Hubie *really* was trying to get him.]
May 28, 1963 S1-P16
Giarusso Hits Back at Critic
Defies DA to "Connect Me with Racketeer"
Livesay named as prisoner.
Charges that W. Hardy Davis and Eugene Davis framed.
Harold Sandoz beaten.
May 31, 1963 S3-P2
Gervais to Give Statement--DA
Police Probe Alleged Beating and Framing
June 2, 1963 S1-P1
DA, Giarusso Hold Meeting
Most Differences Are Resolved, Two Say
June 13, 1963 S1-P1
Inquiry by Jury Clears Gervais
No True Bills Found in Battery Probes
Gervais no-billied on beating Harold Sandoz with Lou Ivon, et. al.
3 cops no-billied on brutality charges
June 19, 1963 S3-P3
Livesay Trial Jury Selected
Two Witnesses Heard in Murder Case
June 20, 1963 S2-P22
Stories Varying on Fatal Fight
Witness, Defendant Differ in Testimony
Lester Otillo, owner of Gaslight Bar
June 21, 1963 S1-P1
Livesay Guilty in Murder Case
Tettenburn Slayer's Sentencing Deferred
Livesay testimony about Gervais
Eugene Davis and W. Hardy Davis take fifth
Lou Ivon testimony about set up of W. Hardy Davis.
June 23, 1963 S1-P16
Livesay Given Life Sentence
Nov 21, 1963 S1-P29
Garrison Hits Jail Term Cut
Gremillion View on Livesay 'Astonishes' D.A.
Oct 30, 1965 S1-P20
AD:What About O'Hara's Ghosts Stories?
The Hardy Davis Case
       "In this case, O'Hara charged-with the usual sinister inference- that we failed to bring to trial a sound case against this defendant. The inference, of course was that we were providing some sort of special service for Davis, a bail bondsman.
       "The fact is that a review of this case indicated that there was an 'entrapment' of the defendant at the outset. Under this legal doctrine, no prosecution was possible without it being reversed by appellate courts. As a matter of fact, our own investigators arrested Davis. It was my conclusion, that in so doing they had clearly violated the defendant's constitutional rights, and that regrettably, no conviction of him would stand."
       [What action did JG take to discipline his investigators?]
CE 3104 26 H 732-3
Secret Service Report of 12-6-63
Dean Andrews says that the men who accompanied LHO to his office "possibly frequent the Gaslight Bar in the French Quarter."
Jerry Shinley

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