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LHO and Dean Andrews on Proof of Citizenship



Subject: LHO and Dean Andrews on Proof of Citizenship
Date: 03 Apr 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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       There's an interesting parallel between something Oswald said during his radio debate and something Dean Andrews said in his WC testimony:

21 H 236 Stuckey Exhibit 3

       Butler: [...] Now it seems to me that you've renounced your American citizenship if you've turned in your passport.

       Oswald: Well the obvious answer to that is that I am back in the United States. A person who renounces his citizenship becomes legally disqualified for return to the U.S.

11 H 327 Testimony of Dean Andrews July 21, 1964

       Mr. Andrews : [Oswald] ahd alleged that he had abandoned his citizenship. [...] Then I told him, "Your presence in the United States is proof that you are a citizen. Otherwise, you would be an alien with an alien registration with a green card, form 990."

Jerry Shinley

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