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KGB Recruitment Standards: The Foss Case



Subject: KGB Recruitment Standards: The Foss Case
Date: 10 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Some assert that a professional intelligence agency like the KGB or the CIA would have no interest in someone like Oswald. But what about this case:

Washington Post August 12, 1960 p. A1

American 'Nazi' Reveals Trysts, $500 Aid From Russian Attache

by Leslie H. Whitten

       An member of the so-called "America Nazi Party" told yesterday of encounters with a Russian First Secretary here that gained him $500 and a warning from the Attorney General's office to register as an agent of a foreign power.

       Roger C. Foss, 32, said that prior to joining the Nazi group he met about 15 times with Valentin M. Ivanov - sometimes in Chinatown restaurants, twice in New York, and at the embassy and Foss' apartment. Ivanov commenting yesterday, said, "I don't know anything about him. It must be an invention."

       Foss a sometime sailor and Univerity of Minnesota student who claims he always has been a Nazi at heart, said he decided to get information a year ago on emigrating to Russia because "no one was fighting communism hard enough here; I figured if you can't fight them, you might as well join them."

       He took a one-day vacation from his cook's job in New York to visit the Russian embassy here, he said, and got the information. A week later, he said, a man in a business suit walked into the restaurant where he worked, gave him a vile-smelling cigarette, and invited him for a drink in an East Side bar.

       Foss said the man was Ivanov - know to him as "Val" - who suggested he come to Washington and get a government job and advanced him $50. Foss came in October and left a note at the embassy when "Val" missed a rendezvous at 10th and New York ave. mw., he said.

       Foss said he met at least once a month with Ivanov after that and accepted about $500 "to carry me and pay for courses at business school" while waiting for the results of a Civil Service examination.

       Often Foss said they ate at Chinese restaurants. "He loved Chinese food; I got so sick of it I'll never touch another bite." Foss said he left chalk marks on a post near Ivanov's home when he wanted to see the Russian.

       The Russian never asked anything of him, Foss said, but seemed anxious that he get the Government job. "He wanted to infiltrate the Government and society," Foss said.

       "People," Foss said Ivanov told him once, "will never revolt as long as they are eating well. It will take a depression - when they're really hungry." Foss said he thought the Russians wanted him to be a "sleeper until that depression comes."

       This spring, Foss said, he heard of George Lincoln's Rockwell's Nazi group in Arlington and began seeking information. On June 14, he said he met with Ivanov for the last time and said he was tired of waiting for the Government job.

       The Russian, he said, gave him $50 to go to Florida where he formerly lived, and the password "Kitchen" to be used by "persons who would contact me down there." Foss saod he took the $50 and shortly afterward joined Rockwell's group [...].

       Rockwell heard his story and took him to FBI headquarters where it was learned that the link was already quietly under investigation. Although the FBI declined comment, it was understood that material was forwarded to the Attorney General's office where it was determined that Foss should be asked to register as an agent for a foreign power.


Washington Post August 14, 1960 p. A1

High Russian Envoy is Ousted for Paying Federal Job Seeker
Red Attache Hoped for Favors from American Nazi

by Leslie H. Whitten


       Foss said the sum [paid by Ivanov] was $500, but that Ivanov promised to pay for completion of his education broken off in 1951 after a freshman year at the Univerity of Minnesota.


       Ivanov became a well-known man-about-town during his three years here. His party list stretched from the homes of some of Washington's top hostesses to Capitol Hill to his own apartment.


[end of excerpts]

Jerry Shinley

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