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Kent Courtney: HSCA Interview



Subject: Kent Courtney : HSCA Interview
Date: 01 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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RECORD NUMBER : 180-10088-10114
DATE : 03/19/78
       On the above date the undersigned [Martin J. Daly] telephonically contacted one Kent COURTNEY at his residence regarding his possessing the personal records of W. Guy BANISTER.
       Mr. Courtney states that he never purchaed any records of Mr. Banister. The only thing that he purchased from Mary BANISTER were _published_ books that belonged to her husband. Further states that these books were mostly on Communism, by and for Communists or Communistic Writers and Publishers.
       When queried about any knowledge of Guy's records he stated that he was present at the Canal Boulevard address when Mary Banister burned a 'lot' of Guy's records. As she was burning these papers she told him what they were. It should be noted that Mr. COURTNEY was a personal friend of the Banisters'.
       He was asked for any knowledge of Delphine ROBERTS, former secretary to Mr. BANISTER, and he stated that she did not act like a stable person. When she 'lashed' out at the Pope and the Archbishop she was ex-communicated from the Church. He does not know her present whereabouts.
[end of interview]

Jerry Shinley

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