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Jack N. Rogers: HSCA Interview



Subject: Jack N. Rogers : HSCA Interview
Date: 29 Dec 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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RECORD NUMBER : 180-10082-10167
       The above was interviewed by the undersigned [Martin J. Daly] and Inv. Buras. This interview was precipitated by Ross BANISTER as the man who was the Chief Counsel for the 'State Sovereignty Commission', and therefore the one who would be knowledgeable as to the present whereabouts of the BANISTER (Guy) records. Mr. Rogers states that he was _NOT_ the Counsel of the S. S. C. but rather for 'The Joint Legislative Commission [sic] on Un-American Activities'. This Committee released a Report on 07-14-67 and concerned itself with Oswald and his Communistic activities in LA. They, according to Mr. ROGERS' files conducted their own investigation which started on 11-27-63. Included in this investigational phase was the segment dealing with OSWALD's visit to CLINTON, LA. and surrounding area. THEIR RECORDS WERE TURNED OVER TO THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF THE STATE GOVERNMENT when Gov. EDWARDS left the Committe out of the budget in '71. Mr Rogers remebers interviewing several of the persons who had surfaced during other investifations, i.e. RUSSO, FERRIE, LEWALLEN, HOWARD, SEYMOUR and others. His 'rough' notes make references to John MANCHESTER; Henry EARL (PALMER); Bill KLINE, etc.
       Mr. ROGERS has a file on the Assassination, which when examined by the above investigators appeared to be germane to our investigation.
[end of interview]
       This is the SCEF raid guy. There is an FBI report, which indicates that Rogers was invited to a Garrison staff meeting in 1967 and reported information about it to the CIA in New Orleans.

Jerry Shinley

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