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Joseph Cambre: HSCA Interview



Subject: Joseph Cambre : HSCA Interview
Date: 31 Dec 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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RECORD NUMBER : 1801007810371
DATE : 06/08/78
Summary of Contact:
       Mr. Cambre stated that he helped Russell Willie obtain Guy Banister's records from Mary Banister and later he went thru these records and also remembers them being destroyed along with many other records due to orders attempting to comply with the Privacy Act. Mr. Cambre was assigned to the records section of investigation and intelligence within the State Police. He worked with the Louisiana State Sovereignty Commission during 1970-1. Mr. Cambre went through the records of Mr. Banister and noticed that many of the index cards refered to files that were missing. Banister's files were kept seperate from the general files. Mr. Cambre stated that they were in a five drawer file cabinet but the cabinet was not full. Many of the folders that were numbered were missing. Mr. Cambre believes that Mary Banister mentioned that she had allowed the F.B.I. to take what they wanted from the files before the State Police obtained them. This seemed appropriate since Mr. Banister was a retired F.B.I. Agent. Mr. Cambre couldn't remember the names of the files but he remembered that they were of organizations and individuals that would be considered liberal, or subversive or communist. Mr. Banister had extensive records on the Southern Conference Educational Fund. Many of the files were newspaper clippings, that referred to something that Banister was interested in.
       Mr. Cambre remembers reading a file on the Fair Play for Cuba Committee which was mostly news clippings. He also remembers a transcript of Lee Harvey Oswald speaking to someone on the radio about this organization. He can not remember a specific file on Oswald or any of Oswald's associates. Mr. Cambre remembered that the Fair Play for Cuba Committee had an address on Camp St. He was surprised to learn that 544 Camp St. was the same building that Mr. Banister had his office in. He couldn't [remember?] anything else about the contents of the files at this time but will call back if he thinks of anything new that might be of use.
       Mr. Cambre remembered that an investigator from Jim Garrison's office came and took notes of the contents of the files and index cards. He could not remember the name of the investigator but suggested that Garrison might remember.
       The files were loaded into cartoon [sic] and bags in his presence but he did not see them destroyed. He suggested that Ray W. Thomas or Billy Joe Booth might know more about the actual destroying of the files. Mr. Thomas works with a private detective agency in Baton Rouge and Mr. Booth is an instructor at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
[end of interview]

Jerry Shinley

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