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James Arthus, Famous Janitor on Eisenhower/Lebanon



Subject: James Arthus, Famous Janitor on Eisenhower/Lebanon
Date: 2/23/99 8:03 AM Eastern Standard Time
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New Orleans Times-Picayune Aug 9, 1958 P12
Views of Readers
       President Eisenhower under the pretense of protecting Lebanon against Communism has carried this nation of ours to the brink of a hydrogen bomb war. Our troops are there not to fight Communism but to protect Israel from the Arabs. The rebels of Lebanon and Iraq are not Communists and never were. But as a result of Eisenhower's intervention the entire world is now open to Communist penetration...
James L Arthus
[end of excerpts]
       Arthus was the janitor at 544 Camp/531 Lafayette.
Jerry Shinley
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