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New Orleans Times-Picayune May 24, 1949 P1
'Neighbors Agree to Opne Trade Mart Exhibit Rooms
       Thirteen countries of Central and South America have agreed to open exhibits at the International Trade Mart as a result of a recent 10-week tour of two local representatives.
       Announcement of results of the 14-nation promotion campaign was made Monday [23rd] by Mario Bermudez, director of international relations for New Orleans and International House, and Clay Shaw managing director of the International Trade Mart, who made the tour.
       High enthusiam was shown for the program in all countries, the men reported. And the governments of the 13 nations have begun work toward opening rooms at the Trade Mart within the next few months, they said. Guatemala, the 14th country on the tour, already has an exhibit here.
       Leases have been signed by Haiti, Columbia, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Representatives of Venezuela and Panama will journey to the city for final arrangements, they said, and the governments of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, Costa Rica, and Honduras are expected to complete their plans within a few weeks.
       Sponsored by International House, International Trade Mart, the city, and the Dock Board, the series of conferences was aimed at facilitating a flow of dollars between the United States and her southern neighbors. The men left on March 10 and returned last Friday [20th].
       Stacks of front page clippings were exhibited by the men to show the enthusiam with which they were met. One Columbian paper printed 14 favorable editorials about their visit within two weeks.
       Mexico and the other Latin American countries will be visited during the summer, Shaw said.
       [My notes about the '51 trip are very sketchy:]
New Orleans Times-Picayune Jan 4, 1951 P37
Latin Students [Mario] Bermudez Goal
       [2 month trip]
New Orleans Times-Picayune Mar 25, 1951 P15
Student Exchanges to Mount
International House Backing Record [Scholarship] Program
       [Mario Bermudez and Clay Shaw back from Latin America. 1500 Latin American Students.]

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