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Subject: INCA and Juanita Castro
Date: 9/12/00 8:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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New Orleans Times-Picayune July 4, 1964 Section 1, Page 7

Juanita Castro Informed CIA
Supplied Data for Four Years in Cuba


       Fidel Castro's sister Juanita volunatarily supplied the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency valuable information for four years before she fled to Mexico from Cuba last week, authoritative sources said Friday [...]

New Orleans Times-Picayune   July 15, 1964   Section 1, Page 18

Juanita Castro Heard on Tape

       Senorita Juanita Castro Ruz, sister of Fidel Castro, Tuesday described via tape recording, conditions in Cuba to members of the Optimist Club of New Orleans.

       Edward S. Butler, executive vice-president of the Information Council of the America, presented the tape [...]

New Orleans Times-Picayune   Jan 16, 1965   S1-P19

Top Latin News Men Due Today
Will Accompany Miss Castro to City

       Juanita Castro

       INCA Awards Dinner

       Bernardo Viera - subdirector of Bohemia Libre

       Augustin Alles, Latin American News Angency

       Salvador Lew, roving correspondent, HQ in Miami, produces programs for use throughout Lat. Am.

Alton Ochsner named 5 chmn for dinner:

       Edgar A.G. Bright, Maurice W. Grundy, Willard Robertson, Robert Rainold, Dr. James Allen

Jan 17, 1965   S1-P2

Castro Knows Faith Lost by Cuban People - Sister
'People Enslaved, Dream of Fidel Fails'

       speaks through interpreter

       "The reaction to the assassination of President Kennedy was sadness, she said. That is, the reaction of most of the people.

       "Others felt proud, the leaders felt as though they had participated directly in the deed and were glad because of it, she said."

Jan 19, 1965   S1-P3

Sister Assails Cuba Boss as 'Monomaniac'
Juanita Castro One of Five Receiving Awards

       INCA Dinner

[end of summary]

       Good old Willard Robertson...

Jerry Shinley

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