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Herman Kohlman FBI Interview 11/25/63



Subject: Herman Kohlman FBI Interview 11/25/63
Date: 5/13/00 3:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Warren Commission Document 75 p 301

FBI Interview of Herman Kohlman 11/25/1963


       HERMAN KOHLMAN, Assistant District Attorney, Parish of Orleans, advised that he is familiar with DAVID FERRIE from his past experience as a news reporter. KOHLMAN said he prepared a feature story on FERRIE's activities several years ago. He advised that he heard that FERRIE was mentioned in connection with being associated withe LEE HARVEY OSWALD, and he talked to JACK MARTIN, a private investigator who "refreshed his memory" about FERRIE. Based upon these facts, the District Attorney's Office instituted an investigation involving FERRIE. He advised that FERRIE was interviewed by members of the District Attorney's staff and denied knowing LEE HARVEY OSWALD or having any information about OSWALD's being in the Civil Air Patrol.

       KOHLMAN stated that the District Attorney's Office had received information from the Intelligence Unit of the New Orleans Police Department who had previously conducted inquiries regarding FERRIE's connection with Cuba or Cuban activities. An unknown police officer had told the Intelligance Division of the New Orleans Police Department that he was in the Civil Air Patrol with LEE HARVEY OSWALD and that FERRIE knew OSWALD.

       KOHLMAN advised that because FERRIE must have known OSWALD and because it appeared he had lied when he denied knowing OSWALD, FERRIE was arrested.

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