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Hale Boggs and the United Europe Movement (1948)



Subject: Hale Boggs and the United Europe Movement (1948)
Date: 17 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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       Here's something from the Congressional Record showing Hale Boggs' involvement in 1948 with a United Europe group whose membership included William Donovan, former head of the OSS, and Allen Dulles, future head of the CIA.
Appendix to the Congressional Record 1948 pp A2534-5
American Committee for a Free and United Europe
Extension of Remarks of Hon. Hale Boggs of Louisiana in the House of Representatives
Tuesday, April 27, 1948
Mr. Boggs of Louisiana. Mr. Speaker, on Friday, April 23, an important meeting was held at the New York University Faculty Club, convened for the purpose of organizing a special committee to enlist American support for a free and united Europe.
       When Senator William Fulbright, one of the authors of the Congressional resolution endorsing the principle of European federation, which I jointly sponsored in the House of Representatives, serving as its president, and Hon. William C. Bullitt acting as vice-president, this luncheon meeting laid the ground work for American support for the forthcoming European conference on federation.
       This meeting, in which members of the parliaments of the 16 Marshall Plan nations will participate, opens in The Hague on May 7 under the honorary presidency of Winston Churchill, and will inaugurate work on preparation of a draft of a constitution for a United States of Europe.
       Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who serves as general secretary of the European Parliamentary Union, and who has worked actively for so many years toward the goal of European federation, predicted that the completion of the constitution will be effected at the September convention at Interlaken, Switzerland, and subsequently submitted to the governments of the nations involved.
       For many years various groups interested in European union have contemplate the calling of a constituent assembly for the purpose of creating such a federation. On March 11 the British All-party Committee of Members of Parliament of the House of Commons for Parliamentary European Union forwarded copies of its approved motion, endorsing creation of a European Council, to the members of the other western European parliaments, with a suggestion that similar moves be made on the part of the other free governments of Europe. It was expressed at this time that all possible steps should be taken to bring about a federation of western Europe. This union would be a political one, strong enough to save European democracy and the values of western civilization. An emergency policy has been advocated to secure immediate cooperation between the countries of western Europe, and a long-term policy designed to bring into being a federation of Europe.
       Although steps are being taken by the 16 Marshall Plan nations to actively work toward western union for the purposes of the European Recovery Program, leaders of the movement also feel that is imperative that private and independent activities for the unity of Europe must be initiated now, if the establishment of such unity is to be lasting and on a long-term basis.
       Such a federation would be constituted with an economic and political bill of rights, with the prevention of war, the creation of prosperity, and the insurance of personal liberty as the aims of the union.
       The very fact that these western European nations have already indicated their willingness to sacrifice sovereign rights to achieve this federation is encouraging indeed, and I am most hopeful that the forthcoming conferences to be held in Europe will be supported by free people everywhere. It can well mean the beginning of a real United States of Europe.
       I would like to include at this point the following two news clippings giving an account of the recent meeting of the American Committee for a Free and United Europe, which was held in New York:
       From the New York Times of April 24, 1948
       New Group Backs Federated Europe--Public Officials and
       Educators Form Committee to Support "Free" Bloc Abroad
       A special committee formed to enlist support in the United States for a "free and united Europe" was organized formally yesterday at the New York University Faculty Club, 22 Washington Square North, during a luncheon meeting called by Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder of the pan-European movement.
       Organized by representative American legislators, public officials, and educators, the committee has been incorporated with central headquarters at 120 Broadway. Its objective, according to Count Coudenhove, will be to cooperate with the movement for a United States of Europe, to keep the American people informed about the operations of the projected European federation, and to develop closer ties with the supervisors of the Marshall plan.
       Senator William Fulbright has been named president of the new organization and William C. Bullitt, former Ambassador to France, its vice-president.
                   Board Members Named
       The committee's national board. it was said, will include: Former President Herbert Hoover, Representative Hale Boggs of Louisiana, former Representative Clare Booth Luce, James A. Farley, Robert Moses, former Secretary of War Robert B. Patterson, Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longsworth, Henry D. Gideonse, president of Brooklyn College, and Norman Thomas.
       Also Dr. Henry Woodburn Chase, chancellor of New York University; Dr. Stephen Dugan, Gen. William J. Donovan, Representative Christian A. Herter, the Reverend Robert I. Gannon, president of Fordham University; Robert L. LaFollete, Jr., Allen Dulles, John W. Davis, and George N. Schuster.
       Former Senator Burton K. Wheeler, who was a member of the prewar isolationist wing in Congress, also is listed as a member of the Committee's national board.


       From the New York Herald Tribune of April 24, 1948
       [more of the same, except that Clayton Fritchey is named
       as the second vice-chairman of the executive board.]

Jerry Shinley

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