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Subject: G. Wray Gill's Chicago Link; was Re: Typical Reitzes.
Date: Thu, 20 January 2000 08:15 AM EST
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       Here's something else to consider about the call on G. Wray Gill's phone bill made to Chicago on September 24, 1963:

John Davis. Mafia Kingfish. McGraw Hill, 1989

p. 173

       And so, on Monday, November 18, [1963,] the last week of the [Carlos] Marcello trial began. Through the week crucial testimony was heard from three witnesses for the defense.


       And Mrs. Yvonne Klein, a Wilmette, Illinois, building contractor, testified that [Carl I.] Noll [, the chief witness against Marcello,] had swindled $50,000 out of her [...]

Here's a description of Wilmette:

The Village of Wilmette is located approximately 16 miles north of downtown Chicago. Wilmette is a progressive community known for its beautiful lakefront, diverse architecture, tree lined streets, well maintained parks and excellent public and private schools. It is a community committed to its history, preserving its brick streets and old fashioned street lights. The Village extends approximately five miles west from Lake Michigan and is approximately one mile wide. Its municipal neighbors include Evanston and Skokie to the south, Glenview to the west and Kenilworth and Northfield to the north.

       Since G. Wray Gill was one of Marcello's lawyers at his November, 1963, trial, and since one of the defense witnesses at that trial came from the Chicago-area, how can anyone say that Gill's office had no business in Chicago? Someone must have sent investigators or lawyers up there to develop this witness' story.

Jerry Shinley

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Subject: Re: G. Wray Gill's Chicago Link; was Re: Typical Reitzes.
Date: Sun, 23 January 2000 02:38 PM EST
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       Here's a fuller account of Klein's testimony:

New Orleans Times-Picayune November 22, 1963 S1-P3


       The only witness presented by the defense Thursday [21st] was Mrs. Yvonne Klein, Wilmette, Ill., building contractor, who characterized Carl Irving Noll, the government's chief witness, as a "fabulous character" who was "a con man."

       She termed "a lie" certain testimony which Noll gave earlier in the trial concerning his association with her in contracting ventures.

       Noll is named as a co-conspirator but not indicted in the government's indictment of the Marcello brothers. He has testified that he obtained the false Guatemala birth certificate for Carlos Marcello in October, 1956, through his connections with highly placed Guatemalans.

       Mrs. Klein testified that Noll was a nominal partner in the Mid-South Construction Co., owned by herself and a person she identified as Bruce Kilby, and that in 1956 he [Noll] made a number of trips for the firm to Guatemala in connection with a $200 million building project there.

       The witness said that Noll lied when he testified that his only connection with her was related to a subdivision project she was trying to get under way here [New Orleans].

       She said that during her connections with him Noll was placed on a "drawing account" at the Metarie Savings Bank and Trust Company and was supposed to be allowed to draw up to $1,000 for expenses in connection with his trips to Guatemala but that he drew more than $13,000 without her knowledge. [Metarie is in Jefferson Parish, which is adjacent to New Orleans.]

       She said that Noll was "a fabulous individual who represented himself as knowing all of the officials in the area." She added "whether he knew them or not, after he was with them for 10 minutes he was doing them favors and they were doing him favors."

       Mrs. Klein testified that on one occasion she accompanied Noll to City Hall here and within an hour she had been given a key to the city and a certificate. She said that on another occasion she was made a deputy fire marshall.

       Mrs. Klein testified that she fired Noll as her leg man at the end of October or the first of November, 1956, after he couldn't get certain papers he had promised and was asked to account for his expense money. "He had 50,000 excuses," she added.

Jerry Shinley

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