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George Mantello, World Jewish Congress - 1944



Subject: George Mantello, World Jewish Congress - 1944
Date: 26 Aug 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Records of the War Refugee Board at the Roosevelt Library

General Correspondence, Private Messages Sent

Box 22. World Jewish Congress, Vol. 1

                                     WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS

                                     1834 BROADWAY

                                     NEW YORK, 23, N. Y.


                                                                   August 8, 1944

in reply refer
to: No. 208

       Honorable John W. Pehle
       Executive Director, War Refugee Board
       Treasury Building
       Washington 25 D.C.

       Dear Mr. Pehle:

       Referring to my letter of June 29, I beg to let
       you have below the text of two messages which
       Dr. Wise received from Dr. Taubes:
                   "Received your cable through Legation Stop
                   Last two years Conslava [sic] has been at our
                   disposal out of purely humane motives and
                   without any material."
                   "George Mandel Mantello is the First Sec-
                   retary of the General Consulate of El
                   Salvador in Geneva cable address Consalva [sic]"

       I should be extremely obliged to you for letting
       me know whether any progess has been made in your
       efforts to persuade [handwritten: El] Salvador and Paraguay
       to designate a protecting power in Hungary.

                                                 Sincerely yours


                                                 A. Leon Kubowitzki
                                                 Head, Rescue Department

[end of letter]

Jerry Shinley

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