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Subject: Garrison, Long, Dodd and Deutsch
Date: 29 Dec 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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       1967 was not a good year for Connecticut Senator Thomas Dodd, famed investigator of Communists and mail-order weapons. Disgruntled staffers had copied his records and given them to columnist Drew Pearson. The Senate was considering a censure vote on various charges, including diverting funds raised at testimonial campaign dinners to purely personal use. His only defender was Russell Long of Louisiana, who had alienated the other Seantors by suggesting that Dodd was no more crooked than any other Senator. As the article below shows, Long needed help from a pair of New Orleans attorneys:

New Orleans Times-Picayune
May 20, 1967 S1-P9
Sen. Dodd Asks Debate's Delay
Senate Leaders Accept Defense Plea
       Sen. Russell B. Long, D-La., Dodd's only declared defender in the Senate, said a New Orleans lawyer named Eberhardt Deutsch has volunteered to assist Dodd.
       Long said that Deutsch is at work on a memorandum contending that Dodd has been denied due process of law. Long called the attorney one of the greatest trial lawyers of all time. He said Deutsch has already met with Dodd, and volunteered his services without fee.
       Long also said at one point, Jim Garrison ... had indicated he would help in the Dodd defense.
       "But since then he has become involved in this Kennedy thing," Long said. "So he doesn't have the time and I wouldn't presume to call on him now."
Feb 21, 1967 S1-P1
Confident He Can Show JFK Killing was Plotted - DA
Believes No Foreign Nation Involved - Garrison
has a mention that Sen. Thomas Dodd has called for re-opening the Warren Commission.
       Garrison had worked for Eberhardt Deutsch's law firm in the 50's. Deutsch did federal court work for Garrison's office.
       This isn't particularly germane, but I'll throw it in anyway:
May 8, 1965 S1- P5
Zola G. Deutsch Succumbs at 66
Chemical Engineer, Former La. Resident
       chemical engineer, expert on soda ash.
       died of heart failure in Hackettstown, N. J.
       "Mr. Deutsch headed his consulting office in New York City until Pearl Harbor Day, when he was one of the first 10 industrialists drafted for the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge under Leslie Groves. He served there until assigned with a special group of technical experts to assay the damage wrought by conventional 'saturation' bombings."
       brother of Eberhardt P. and Hermann B. Deutsch

Jerry Shinley

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