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Garrison Helps LBJ Pay Campaign Debt



Subject: Garrison Helps LBJ Pay Campaign Debt
Date: 29 Dec 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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New Orleans Times-Picayune
May 30, 1965 S1-P1
[Hale] Boggs Says U.S. is Near to Organizing New Force
$1,000-per-couple Affair is Held Here
       fund-raising dinner to pay LBJ 1964 campaign debt
       among those at head table - D. A. Jim Garrison and wife
       [pic on S1-P24]
       co-chairmen of dinner: Wayne H. Woods and Dalton C. Smith
       selected committee members:
             Aruns Callery
                                     [later co-defendant in JG's bribery trial]
             Willard E. Robertson
                                     [INCA board, ITM board, MCC board
                                     and later Truth and Consequences
             Aubery Young
                                    [later accused of working with
                                     Dalton Smith, above, to bribe
                                     Edward Grady Partin. Former Monroe,
                                     La. private investigator and currently
                                     a special assistant to Governor John
Jerry Shinley

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