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Subject: Garrison's Forgotten Chief Investigator
Date: 01 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Here are a couple of citations from the New Orleans Times-Piacyune relating to Jim Garrison's forgotten chief investigator, Raymond L. Beck. After Gervais. Before Ivon. Beck retired from the FBI to take the job. He reportedly was responsible for the "internal security" of the office. Started in January of '66 and resigned about the same time in '67, while JG's JFK probe was in operation, but before it was publically revealed.
Jan 4, 1966 S1-P7
Beck Will Join Garrison Staff
Retired FBI Agent Will Head Investigations
Raymond L. Beck , 23 year FBI vet.
worked as cryptanalyst in FBI lab
will be responsible for the "administration of the internal security of the office."
Feb 4, 1967 S2-P22
[Lou] Ivon Heads DA Investigators
Named to Succeed Resigning R. L. Beck
Jerry Shinley

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