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Garrison DID Charge Bethell in 1969



Subject: Garrison DID Charge Bethell in 1969
From: (Jerry Shinley)
Date: 10/22/03 5:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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After it was revealed that Tom Bethell had passed a copy of the DA office's trial memo to Clay Shaw's lawyers, Garrison did charge Bethell with a crime. An ad hoc prosecutor was appointed to handle the case after Bethell's lawyer moved that Garrison be recused. The prosecution hit a snag when Judge Braniff execused Shaw's lawyers as witnesses because of the principle of attorney/client confidentiality. As far as I know, no action was taken after the Louisiana Supreme refused to hear the prosecution's appeal of Braniff's descision.

New Orleans Times-Picayune March 5, 1969 S1-P1

Judge O'Hara is Given Shaw Perjury Case
Ex-DA Aid Accused of Revealing Trial Memo

       Tom Bethell

$100 fine or six months


March 21, 1969 S1-P9

Bethell's Lawyer Assails DA Garrison in Motion
Charges His Client, Shaw Used as Scapegoats

       Judge Braniff

       atty Herbert Garon


April 8, 1969 S3-P7

Bethell Motion is Acted Upon

       Judge Braniff, JG must recuse


April 9, 1969 S4-P19

DA is Appointed to Bethell Case

       Robert Zibilich


April 22, 1969 S1-P4

Set DA Ad Hoc Fee -- Garon
Bethell's Attorney Asks for Figure in Advance

       trial memorandum & outline of testimony


May 16, 1969 S1-P17

Bethell Plea Not Allowed
Prosecutor's Fee Issue Won't be Reviewed

       La. Sup Crt


June 28, 1969 S3-P23

Judge Excuses Shaw Lawyers
Testimony Not Required in Bethell Case

       atty-client privilege

       Dymond, Wegmanns, Panzeca

       Judge Braniff


July 3, 1969 S1-P8

Shaw Lawyers Decision Asked
Supreme Court Ruling in Bethell Case, Aim


Oct 1, 1969 S4-P10

Court Refuses to Hear Cases
Request for Review of Question's Denied

       Bethell case


Jerry Shinley


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