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Guy Banister Retires From FBI



Subject: Guy Banister Retires From FBI
Date: Mon, 14 June 1999 08:19 AM EDT
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Chicago Daily Tribune Nov 19, 1954 Part 2, Page 12
Banister, FBI Chief Since February, to Leave Post Nov. 30
       Guy Banister, 53, agent in charge of the federal bureau of investigation in Chicago since February, announced yesterday that he would leave the service effective Nov. 30. He said he was not ready to disclose his future plans.
       "I have been in the FBI for 20 years and have concluded that it is about time I got out and make some money," Banister said.
       As Chicago head of the FBI, Banister supervised the activities of some 500 agents in 18 northern counties of Illinois.
       Banister, his wife Mary, and their daughter, Mary Jane, 15, reside at [...] S. Scoville av., Oak Park.
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