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Guy Banister & Jim Garrison: Peas in a Pod?



Subject: Banister & Garrison : Peas in a Pod?
Date: 23 Jun 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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William Davy. _Let Justice Be Done_ pp 59-60
In the papers of Edward and William Wegmann is a list entitled "Notes on Search Banister's File - Residue - Sovereignty Commission - 7/68." Included in the seven page list is a handwritten summary of the remaining contents of each file. A partial example is listed below:
10-58 - "8/27/59 - Casing Rpt. for surrep. entry to Dr. James Dumbrowki's [sic] Perdido Bldg from Allen Campbell to G.B."
[end of excerpt]
I find this interesting because it shows that Guy Banister and Jim Garrison both targeted the same New Orleans-based civil rights group, the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF), for special attention. James Dombrowki was the executive director of the SCEF, which had its office on Perdido street in N.O. When the Louisiana Joint Legislative Committee on Un-American Activities orchestrated a raid on this office in October of 1963, Garrison's assistants cooperated by obtaining indictments against Dombrowski and two other men. See for the text of a U.S. Supreme Court decision which ended Garrison's attempts at prosecution.
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