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Subject: Guy Banister: As Seen on TV
Date: Fri, Dec 4, 1998 14:01 EST
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       During the New Orleans municipal elections of 1958, Guy Banister bought some TV airtime to broadcast 'Guy Banister Reports.' He promised to reveal: "The sensational police report which to date has been kept underwraps by Mayor Morrison, District Attorney Hubert and Colonel Dayries . This report will reveal the existing tie between City Hall, the police department and organized crime." Morrison was running for re-election as Mayor. Leon Hubert , the future WC counsel, was running for a judgeship. Colonel Dayries was head of NOPD. Way down on the Morrison CCDA ticket was a young assistant District Attorney then known as James C. Garrison running for the post of tax assessor. The ad for this broadcast can be found in the Times-Picayune, Jan 9, 1958, page 57. How did all this come about?
       After Banister was fired from the NOPD in June, 1958, he began to attack Mayor deLesseps "Chep" Morrison, Chief Dayries and DA Hubert fiercely in the press.
       Noting this controversy, the Young Men's Business Club (YMBC) requested that the Grand Jury investigate Morrison, Dayries and Hubert. The Grand Jury, in response, agreed to investigate only Dayries. The YMBC's lawyer, Guy Johnson, made a motion to have DA Leon Dayries Hubert recused on the grounds that he and Chief Dayries were both descended from Leon Dayries , making them cousins. The Judge refused this motion. Hubert appointed a young ADA on his staff, a former FBI agent then known as James C. Garrison , to advise the grand jury. Banister was allowed to present his case to the Grand Jury (and the press), but the GJ ultimately declined to indict Dayries . There was some controversy about a private meeting Chep had with Grand Jury foreman Marc Antony. Aaron Kohn alleged that the meeting occurred "at a time when there was a general discussion of the possible indictment of both Mayor Morrison and Superintendent of Police Provosty A. Dayries for malfeasance in office." Kohn also said he had been "reliably informed" that Morrison had met with Garrison personally.
       Garrison was an active participant in the extended events associated with Banister's dismissal/resignation, and had to know the presentation he made of it in _A Heritage of Stone_ was false. -
       After the Grand Jury no-billed Dayries , JG's political star began to rise in the Morrison organization. He was picked to act as the token opposition to the entrenched First District Tax Assessor and Old Regular Leader, James Comiskey. He was appointed to the police advisory board. In a later election, he was ran against incumbent Judge Platt.
Citations from the New Orleans Times-Picayune
July 16, 1957 P1
Grand Jury Planning Inquiry on Dayries
No Probe is Slated for Mayor or Hubert
Young Men's Business Club (YMBC) had submitted a request to the Grand Jury for an investigation of Mayor Morrison, Police Superintendent Provosty Dayries and DA [and future WC counsel] Leon Dayries Hubert . The GJ decided to only investigate Dayries.
July 17, 1957 P1
Hubert is Cited in Recusal Quiz
DA Directed to Show Cause in Jury Probe
July 18, 1957 P1
12 Witnesses Called for Hubert Hearing
Matter of Recusing DA Set for Friday
Guy Johnson, attorney for YMBC
[Johnson was Banister's atty during the Old Absinthe House Incident. After JG left the DA's office in the 70's, he and Johnson became law partners.]
July 18, 1957 P22
Gambler Fined for Obscenity
Threat to Have Cop Transferred Alleged
Sam Saia, Jr [Dutz Murret's associate]
Guy Johnson is Saia'a attorney
July 19, 1957 P13
Relationship Quiz Due Today
Morrison, Dayries , Hubert Face Questions
Chep: "... surprised that the YMBC has the same attorney as Sam Saia..."
Hubert has named ADA James C. Garrison to work with Aaron Kohn to prepare a summary of MCC records for the Grand Jury.
July 20, 1957 P1
Hubert to Step Out of Inquiry
Names Garrison to Act in Dayries Probe
Judge Echezabl ruled no recusal
Guy Johnson not allowed to speak.
Raoul Sere, ass't City Attorney represented Dayries .
Hubert not recused, but says JG will advise the GJ on this investigation.
If Dayries indicted, Hubert will ask state AG to appoint a special prosecuter
July 24, 1957 P1
Mayor Quizzed by Grand Jury
Dayries Also Questioned, Banister May Be Called
JG advising GJ
Aug 17, 1957 P1
Jurors Indict Fired Officer
Refused to Testify, Now Accused of Perjury
JG back from military leave, Banister gives report to GJ [see below]
Aug 17, 1957 P16
Police Firing Laid to Mayor
Banister Says Action to Halt Political Hurt
WGB released 23 page memo to press before testifying to GJ.
Says Morrison, Hubert and Dayries should be indicted.
Aug 21, 1957 P1
20 Indicted for Bribery
Ex-Cops, Bar Operators Charged by Jury
ADA John P. Nelson advised GJ on this investigation.
Indictment alleges that bribery occurred as late as Feb, 1957, after Chep claimed it ended.
Aug 24, 1957 P3
Wife Indicted in Ragan Death
Grand Jury Also Hears 18 Former Members
WGB in jury room for a few minutes.
Aug 27, 1957 P1
Morrison, Dayries to Testify Today
Grand Jury to Hear Mayor, Police Head
Chep wants to answer WGB charges
Won't comment on reported meeting with jury foreman Marc Antony
Aug 28, 1957 P1
No True Bill Ends Dayries Case Quiz
Orleans Grand Jury Reindicts Nine
WGB on hand but not heard
Chep, Dayries testify
No true bill signed by JG.
Aug 30, 1957 P1
Met Jury Head, Mayor Admits
Morrison Defends Brief Session with Antony
"I telephoned Garrison to ask him how to get hold of Mr. Antony."
Aug 30, 1957 P12
Dayries Voices Thanks to Jury
Sept 4, 1957 p17
Mayor's Visit to Present Letter, Antony States
Retiring Head of Jury Relates Incident
Sept 6, 1957 P11
Probe Review Heard by [New Grand] Jury
Brought up to Date on Police Inquiry
Hubert , Garrison , Nelson
Sept 12, 1957 P4
Hearing Asked on Morrison
[Aaron] Kohn Asks Airing of Visit to Jury Leader
Open letter from MCC to DA Leon Hubert
Visit to Antony "at a time when there was a general discussion of the possible indictment of both Mayor Morrison and Superintendent of Police Provosty A. Dayries for malfeasance in office."
JG declined comment on his own contact with Chep
MCC "reliably informed" Chep visited JG's residence.
Sept 12, 1957 P27
Ex-Grand Jury Figues Heard
Former Foreman and Member Appear
Marc Antony
Oct 3, 1957 p3
Antony and PBI Agent Quizzed
Discussion of Alleged Meetings Hinted
Leon Hubert letter to MCC of Sept 18, has referred
Chep-Antony-Garrison investigation to the new GJ
Oct 8, 1957 P30
Kohn is Heard by Grand Jury
2pm - 6:15 pm
Oct 10, 1957 P6
Mayor Appears before Jurors
PBI Agent Blackwell Also is Witness
1 and 1/2 hours, "general meeting" says Chep
[PBI = Police Bureau of Investigation = NOPD Internal Affairs]
Oct 14, 1957 P14
Views of Readers: James L Arthus
Everyone should vote.
Dec 7, 1957 P32
Garrison Seeks Assessor Post
Assistant DA Endorsed by Mayor, CCDA
"It is a great satisfaction to me to be on the CCDA ticket and to be supported by Mayor Chep Morrison."
June 15, 1958 p6
Police Advisor Unit is Formed
Four in old Board, Three New Members Named
James Garrison , former ADA and one-time FBI agent, named by Mayor Morrison to revived Police Advisory Board
Jerry Shinley

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