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Subject: Maurice Gatlin for Congress
Date: 6/7/99 7:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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       In 1954, it was Maurice Gatlin's turn to serve as the token far-right opposition to veteran Second District Congressman T. Hale Boggs in the Democratic primary.(1) Gatlin's campaign included a couple of TV programs on station WDSU. On the July 6 program, he displayed an affidavit in which he swore that he was not a member of the Communist party or any Communist front.(2) The next week, "Gatlin's program ... began with a picture of a hangman's noose which he described as the menace of communism. The next scene showed the American flag." Gatlin promised "to do all in my power ... to see that no American goes to fight in Indochina [Viet Nam], Korea, or any other foreign country." (3)
       Unsurprisingly, Gatlin lost on July 27 by a considerable margin, 51,875 to 4577. (4) Gatlin responded graciously by vowing to challenge the results in court if Boggs did not execute a "simple oath that he is not and never has been a Communist." (5) Boggs' response? "I'm not the slightest concerned. What Maurice Gatlin does is no concern of mine. He can sue or do whatever he wants to." (6)
       Gatlin's action in court proved ultimately unsuccessful. (7) But, on August 3, Boggs succumbed to Gatlin's hectoring and took a loyalty oath in Washington before Congressional leaders. (8)
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