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Subject: Gatlin and Batista
Date: 2/15/99 2:27 PM Eastern Standard Time
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New Orleans Times-Picayune March 12, 1959 P21
Remoulade by Howard Jacobs
Romance Flourished Despite Revolution
       A very hush-hush wedding took place here on Jan. 6 in the cloistered precincts of Claiborne Towers, and except for the prominence of one of the principals, it would no longer be news.
       The story was told for the first time Wednesday [11th] by attorney Maurice B. Gatlin, who acted as intermediary in a ceremony in which two Cuban refugees were spliced.
       The bride was Elisa Alieda Batista, daughter of deposed dictator Fulgencio Batista, and her groom was Dr. Raoul Garcia Cantero, Jr., an attorney who subsequently set up practice in Barcelona, Spain. Both were, in the vernacular, on the lam from the upheaval in Cuba, which had unseated her father [...]
       Gatlin said his part in the drama had no political implications, that he acted purely as a citizen having compassion for unfortunate refugees [...]
       Present at the nuptials were about 15 refugees who only hours before had fled after the Batista regime toppled. Among them were the bride's mother, her sister, Mirta, and other members of the family, as well as five or six Orleanians.
       Gatlin explained the two had been scheduled to marry in Havana on her birthday, Feb. 7, but the revolution canceled out the plans. "She's a beautiful girl," said he, "and two days after the ceremony she and her husband returned and presented a gift to everyone who had participated in the ceremony and arrangements."
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