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Jim Garrison Accused of Perjury



Subject: Garrison Accused of Perjury
Date: 6/27/00 7:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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New Orleans Times-Picayune June 3, 1969 S4-P19

DA is Perjurer, says Andrews
Affidavit Filed in Criminal District Court

       Attorney Dean A. Andrews Jr. Monday [2nd] went into Criminal District Court and charged District Attorney Jim Garrison with perjuring himself twice during the trial that resulted in convictions of Andrews on three perjury counts.

       [...] Andrews filed an affidavit charging Garrison with perjury in the court room of Judge Thomas A. Brahney Jr.

       The affidavit charges that Garrison was untruthful while being cross examined by Andrews, who represented himself during part of his trial.

       It cited one section of testimony in which Garrison denied that he planned to initiate perjury charges against Andrews before the attorney appeared before the Orleans Parish Grand Jury on March 16, 1967.

       In another part of the transcript, Garrison said he had not told his assistants he thought Andrews was lying in testimony before the Warren Commission.


       Andrews filed a motion requesting that Garrison be recused from the new case because of his personal involvement.

       Judge Brahney will schedule a hearing in the matter.

       Andrews charged that Garrison committed perjury during the following exchange between the two:

       Andrews: ... do you recall me asking you whether you were going to put the hat on me because I heard a rumble on the vine that I'd get the hat put on me?

       Garrison: Yes, I recall that phase.

       Judge Frank J. Shea, presiding judge, asked Andrews to explain what he meant.

       Andrews: That I was to be indicted for perjury but the way I told it is the way I said it.

       Garrison: Yes, yes, I certainly do.

       Garrison: I'm quite sure I said 'positively not' because nothing was further from my mind at the time.

       The affidavite [sic] charges that Garrison had in mind prosecuting Andrews all the time and perjured himself by indicating otherwise.

       The second count of perjury springs from the following cross examination of Garrison by Andrews:

       Andrews: Did you at any time prior to my entering the grand jury room, March 16, 1967, convey or give the impression to any of your assistants that I was lying in my testimony before the Warren Commission?

       Garrison: No. That would not be necessary. I think by that time it had become apparent to most of the staff in this area that it was.

       The affidavit said that Richard Burnes, one of Garrison's assistants at the time, testified that Garrison expressed an opinion on Andrews' truthfulness on either March 15 or March 16, 1967.


New Orleans Times-Picayune August 5, 1969 S3-P21

Perjury Count on DA Dropped Andrews' Charge Thrown Out by Zibilich

       An attempt by attorney Dean A. Andrews Jr. to charge District Attorney Jim Garrison with perjury in Criminal District Court came to an end when a substitute DA dismissed Andrews' affidavit against Garrison.

       Attorney Robert J. Zibilich, appointed to act as district attorney for this case only, dismissed the affidavit Friday [1st].

       Garrison's office agreed to recuse itself after Andrews filed his charges before Judge Thomas Brahney Jr. on June 2. The judge named Zibilich as DA for the proceedings.


       Zibilich gave no reason for dismissing Andrews' affidavit, and is not required to. Zibilich's office reported Monday that the attorney was out of town for a month.


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