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Ferenc Nagy, Prisoner of the Gestapo?



Subject: Ferenc Nagy, Prisoner of the Gestapo?
Date: 2/3/99 2:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
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[This post was made to contest claims by Garrison supporters that Ferenc Nagy was a Nazi-sympathizer during WWII and later.--JPS]

Who's Who in America 1960-1961
Marquis, Chicago
Nagy, Ferenc
       ex-premier of Hungary;
       b. Bisse, Hungary, Oct 8, 1903;
       s. Ferenc and Julianna (Kata) N.;
       ed. pub schs.;
       LL.D., Bloomfield College, 1948, University of California at
          Berkeley, 1957;
       m. Juliette Balog, Jan 24, 1924;
       children Ferenc, Julia, Lazlo, Sophia, Maria;
       sec. general of Smallholders' Party, 1930;
       member parliament, 1939;
       prisoner of the Gestapo, 1944;
       pres. Nat. Assembly, 1945;
       minister of recnstrn., 1945;
       prime minister of Hungary, 1946-47;
       exile of Communism, 1947;
       pres. of the Central European Com., 1951;
          Struggle behind the Iron Curtain, 1948;
          articles: How the Russians Grabbed my Government, 1947;
          Around the Iron Curtain, 1949;
       Home: 523 Eldon St., Herndon, Va.
Jerry Shinley

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