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FBI New Orleans Airtel on Garrison Case 1/4/67



Subject: FBI New Orleans Ai[r]tel on Garrison Case 1/4/67
Date: 6/24/00 10:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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RIF : 124-10058-10053
FBI# : 62-109060-4366

Airtel Date: 1/4/67

TO: DIRECTOR, FBI (62-109060)




       ReBuairtel 12/23/66.

The following reliable and confidential sources only have been contacted to determine the reasons why DAVID FERRIE was questioned by the Orleans Parish Grand Jury:

       RAYMOND BECK, former Special Agent [of the FBI], now employed by District Attorney JIM GARRISON, Parish of Orleans, advised that he was not personally acquainted with the reasons why DA JIM GARRISON was interested in the investigation of the assassination of President JOHN F. KENNEDY. He advised that he has heard comments in the office that there is a reporter from a national publication, possibly Life Magazine, in New Orleans and it is his personal belief that DA JIM GARRISON intends to expose errors in the Warren Report. BECK cautioned that this was only an opinion and not based on any information furnished to him by GARRISON. BECK stated it was his belief that PERASIN [sic; hand corrected to PERSHING] GERVAIS was advising GARRISON on his investigation.

       PERASIN [sic; hand corrected to PERSHING] GERVAIS, PCI and former investigator for the Parish of Orleans, advised that GARRISON is obsessed with the investigation into the assassination of President KENNEDY. GERVAIS stated that he told GARRISON to forget the matter and he would not assist GARRISON in the investigation and was not interested in anything GARRISON was doing in connection with this investigation. He stated he has no knowledge of what GARRISON is attempting to prove and the only contact he has had with the investigation has been a call he received from DAVID FERRIE. He stated that FERRIE has been trying to get him, GERVAIS, to arrange an interview with GARRISON, which he has declined to do.

       NO 1309-C advised he has been contacted by LEON [sic] IVON, Patrolman, New Orleans Police Department, assigned as investigator to the District Attorney's Office and questioned re his knowledge of the activities of W. GUY BANISTER (deceased), former New Orleans private detective and former SAC of FBI, Chicago. NO 1309-C advised that IVON was interested in obtaining the names of former associates of BANISTER in various Cuban movements with which BANISTER was connected and also a photograph allegedly taken by JOSEPH NEWBROUGH, private detective employed by BANISTER, of some jeeps and trucks being shipped to Cuba. IVON was also attempting to locate BANISTER's files. Based upon comments made by IVON, it was apparent to informant that JACK S. MARTIN and JOSEPH NEWBROUGH, both former associates of BANISTER, have been interviewed.

       NO 1309-C advised that in talking with IVON it was apparent that IVON was attempting to develop facts which would tend to indicate that a conspiracy originated in New Orleans involving Cuban Nationals and OSWALD for the purpose of assassinating President KENNEDY.

       NO [redacted]-C advised that IVON had in his possession a copy of the Warren Report which reflected an interview in Dallas by the Warren Commission of a woman by the name of "GUDO" (PH), The woman was a Cuban Exile with family apparently living somewhere in Cuba. Informant did not have the actual name of the woman. (It is noted that Esquire Magazine, December, 1966, issue, reflects that a Mrs. SYLVIA ODIO claims she was contacted by OSWALD and two Cuban Nationals prior to the assassination.)

       NO 1309-C states that JACK S. MARTIN and JOSEPH NEWBROUGH are both known to him and personally regards them as mental cases.

       The alleged photographs taken on New Orleans docks regarding the shipment of trucks to CASTRO's Cuba are probably referring to the news item which appeared in the Carribbean [sic] Newsletter dated September 15, 1960, and forwarded to the Bureau by airtel dated December 9, 1960, in the case entitled "MAURICE BROOKS GATLIN, aka; RA - [Foreign Agents Registration Act] DOMINICAN REPUBLIC," Bufile 64-29230, NO file 100-14447. This newsletter published a reprint from the Standard Times, New Bedford, Mass., Friday, September 9, 1960, concerning shipment of trucks to Cuba.

       W. GUY BANISTER was apparently active in anti-Castro matters as he was listed as original incorporator of the Free Voice of Latin America, Inc., aka. Radio Cuba Libre; IS - CUBA (Bufile 105-95587), which information was furnished to the Bureau by letter dated January 31, 1961. BANISTER was also active in the Frente Revolucionario Democratico, aka; IS - CUBA (Bufile 105-87912), which information was furnished to the Bureau by LHM dated 2/7/61.

       JACK S. MARTIN has previously been interviewed regarding his unfounded reports of the activities of DAVID FERRIE. JOSEPH NEWBROUGH is apparently identical with JOSEPH SAMUEL NEWBROUGH, victim of CR case, (See report of SA J. DAWSON VAN EPPS dated 6/7/61) and apparently identical with FBI # 777 793 B.

       NO 1309-C advised that in talking with LEON IVON of the District Attorney's Office, he learned that the District Attorney Office has also apparently talked to SID DEVILLE, operator of the Mardi Gras Lounge on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, and a woman named ANDERSON who knew JACK RUBY and now may possibly be employed by DEVILLE.

       NO 1309-C advised that IVON indicated the he planned to talk to former Special Agent MILTON KAACK and had either talked to or planned to talk to DEAN ANDREWS, New Orleans attorney.

       NO 1309-C advised that in the event he received any additional information he will call it to the New Orleans Office's attention.

       No further investigation is being conducted by the New Orleans Office regarding the inquiry being conducted by the District Attorney JIM GARRISON. For the information of the Bureau, JIM GARRISON is a former Bureau Agent and various rumors have been circulating in the City of New Orleans which indicate that he may be a candidate for Lieutenant Governor with the current Governor JOHN MCKEITHEN, which election will be held in December, 1967.

Some references about Beck:

New Orleans Times-Picayune Jan 4, 1966 S1-P7 Beck Will Join Garrison Staff Retired FBI Agent Will Head Investigations

Raymond L. Beck , 23 year FBI vet. worked as cryptanalyst in FBI lab will be responsible for the "administration of the internal security of the office."

New Orleans Times-Picayune Feb 4, 1967 S2-P22 [Lou] Ivon Heads DA Investigators Named to Succeed Resigning R. L. Beck

Jerry Shinley

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