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FBI to Clay Shaw's Lawyer: Drop Dead



Subject: FBI to Clay Shaw's Lawyer: Drop Dead
Date: 5/21/00 12:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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RIF : 124-10067-10000
FBI # : 62-109060-4772

Memorandum R. E. Wick to Mr. DeLoach            3/9/67

       At 3:50 p.m. today Edward F. Wegmann, 1047 National Bank of Commerce Building, New Orleans, Louisiana, telephoned the Bureau and I talked with him. Wegmann stated that he is the attorney of record for Clay Shaw, who has been charged by District Attorney Garrison with complicity in the assassination of the late President Kennedy.

       Wegmann very carefully explained that his client will have a preliminary hearing on Tuesday, 3/14/67, at which time the court is expected to require District Attorney Garrison to name Garrison's informant. Wegmann said he is coming to the FBI for help since this is a matter of justice, an innocent man has been accused (his client), and the credibility of the informer is of prime importance. Wegmann asked that the FBI in Washington instruct the New Orleans Office of the FBI to cooperate next Tuesday with Mr. Wegammn in supplying a "rap sheet" (criminal or arrest record) of the individual Garrison names as the informant against Shaw.

       Mr. Wegmann went on to state that last Tuesday, 3/2/67, Attorney General Clark had said Shaw had been cleared by the FBI, was not involved in any assassination plot, and, in effect, to Wegmann's way of thinking, completely absolved his client. Mr. Wegmann said he tried to reach Attorney General Clark by phone but was unsuccessful. He has talked to Barefoot Sanders in the Department, who promised to return his calls but has not done so. A girl in Mr. Sanders' office, however, has indicated that any help requested by Mr. Wegmann should come from Assistant Attorney General Fred M. Vinson, Jr. So far Mr. Wegmann has been unable to contact Mr. Vinson.


       I told Mr. Wegmann the FBI could not be of any help. I told him that the files of the FBI are confidential by order of the Attorney General and can be made available only to duly authorized persons. He asked if I had any suggestions as to how he could identify and obtain the record and background of the man named by District Attorney Garrison as the informant. I told him I had no suggestions. He stated he believed he would continue pursuing the matter through Attorney General Clark, Sanders and Vinson. He said he believed the FBI should help in this matter since an innocent man is involved.

       For record purposes.

       [Handwritten by Hoover:]

       A.G. made the statement
       so it is up to Dept to wrestle
       with this.



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