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FBI Trains Jim Garrison Staffers



Subject: FBI Trains Garrison Staffers
Date: 1/31/99 6:31 PM Eastern Standard Time
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       John McAdams asked on another thread if Garrison's staff had competent investigators. The following may or may not be relevant:
New Orleans Times-Picayune April 23, 1966 S4-P12
FBI Instruction Set for DA Staff
       Orleans Parish District Attorney Jim Garrison announced Friday that special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation will conduct a training course for members of his staff.
       Garrison said assistant district attorneys and staff investigators will attend the course will be held each week during May.
       Subjects the instruction will cover will include interviewing and interrogation, report writing, techniques and mechanics of arrest, and federal laws of search and seizure.
       "I feel that this type of training is in accord with the trend of professionalizing all phases of law enforcement," Garrison commented. "I welcome the opportunity afforded my staff by this assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation."
[end of article]
       At this time, Garrison's chief investigator was Raymond Beck, who had just retired from the FBI. I don't believe that Sciambra was working for Garrison at the time of this training.
Jerry Shinley

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