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Subject: East Feliciana Officials Listen
Date: 30 Jun 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Papers
Part 2: Southern Regional Office 1959-1966

edited by August Meier and Elliot Rudwick

University Publications of America, Frederick MD


Reel 4, Frame 519



Reel 4, Frames 523-4

[Note: The original was hand printed in mostly caps]

[Thursday 10]

-We had a clinic in non-violence of 7:30 P.M. at Mr. Richardson's store, but the store was too small for the group that showed up. We decided to transfer the meeting to Hyman Chapel. -Then= A group of youth came up and said that local officials had placed some device under the church. The officials then left and the youth searc[h]ed but did not find any t[h]ing. They then came to us. There was a group waiting at Hyman Chapel, we sent them to the home of Geore [sic] Kilbourn w[h]ere we were holding the group until we decided what to do. We talked to the group, a[p]prox 35, at Mr. Kilbourn amd decided to return to Hyman Chapel and have our clinic. The town marshal was there in his car, and the D.A. and the special attorney were there in another car. We proceeded with the clinic. It went very well. Over 20 person[s] committed themselves to "Jail No Bail". Before we left several youth found the device which was hidden under the church. It was a small, battery operater [sic] wireless transmit[t]er using a directional type mike. It was definitely of some value. From its nature we decided that the receiver and tape recorder must be in one of the two cars.

After the clinic broke up we borrowed a car and took it to Baton Rouge and placed it in the hands of Ronnie Moore. We were followed out of town, but lost them when we took the hwy. to Miss.; we then doubled back and went to Baton Rouge.

Jerry Shinley

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