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Date: 1/31/99 6:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
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       In another thread, I suggested that it was worth considering the possibility that Gene Davis, the man whose identity Dean Andrews claimed he was protecting with the alias Clay Bertrand, might have known Lee Harvey Oswald because Davis had been arrested in '58 along with other men accused of molesting boys aged 15-16. Oswald lived in New Orleans from '54 to '56 and his age was between 14 and 16, and given the circumstances of his life, he might have been vulnerable to such an approach. The following are the articles about the '58 incident. I don't know the exact disposition of the charges, but at the Shaw trial in '69, Davis testified that he had never been convicted of any crime.
Citations from the New Orleans Times-Picayune:
Oct 8, 1958 P22
Vice Charges Okayed by DA
Obscenity, 8 Other Morals Cases Accepted
       The Orleans parish district attorney's office Tuesday [7th] reported that eight crime against nature charges and one obscenity charge have been accepted.
       The men charged were 26 to 40 years old. The charges were accepted after juvenile bureau officers investigated reports that men were meeting boys 15 and 16 and committing perverted acts on them.
       The charges were accepted by assistant district attorneys A. I. Kleinfeldt and Malcolm G. Mundy, Jr.
       [Photog1] ... was charged with obscenity by possessing lewd photographs. His bond was recommended at $1500.
       The others were charged with committing crimes against nature. Charged were:
       Eugene C. Davis, 322, 522 Dauphine;...
       Davis' bond was set at $2500. The others' bonds were set at $1500.
Oct 9, 1958 P41
Charges Accepted in Morals Case
       The Orleans parish district attorney's office Wednesday [10th] accepted an obscenity charge against [Photog2] ...
       Assistant District Attorney A. I. Kleinfeldt recommended a $1500 bond.
       Police juvenile bureau officers said about 100 nude and pornographic pictures were confiscated at his ... apartment.
       He was arrested in connection with the investigation of adults picking up 15- and 16-year-old boys. [Photog2] was accused of taking nude photographs of the juvenile boys.
Oct 21, 1958 P22
Police Charge Sex Offenses
Arrests Follow Quizzing of Runaway Boy
       Juvenile bureau officers Monday [20th] described how the apprehension of a 15-year-old runaway boy led to the arrest of 13 adult men in connection with alleged sex offenses.
       The juvenile was discovered Sept. 20 in a car in the 500 block of Bourbon st. He was taken into custody and questioned.
       He told police that after arriving in New Orleans about June 1, he had been living with homosexuals in the French Quarter. He said they committed unnatural acts on him.
       Officers arrested [Photog2] ... and confiscated "numerous" nude photographs of white and Negro juvenile boys, they said.
       About 30 juveniles were identified from the photographs. Police said these juvenile boys were contacted and interrogated, and many of them made written statements.
       The investigation showed that this was not a ring. Police added that the juveniles were receiving money for participating in sex acts and posing for nude photographs which were supposed to be sold to magazines.
       The juveniles were picked up by many of the accused adults in French Quarter amusement locations and at a swimming area by the Mississippi river near Audobon park.
       Besides [Photog2], arrested were:
       ... Eugene C. Davis, 32, 522 Dauphine; ...
       Police said all except ... and ... were charged in criminal district court. Charges of obscenity were failed against [Photog2] and [Photog1], while crime against nature charges were filed against the others, police added.
Feb 28, 1969 S1-P14
[Eugene Davis Shaw Trial testimony]
       Dymond asked Davis if he had ever been convicted of a crime.
       "Never," he answered.
       He then told Dymond he has lived in New Orleans about 18 to 20 years, and has known Andrews for about 10 to 12 years.
June 1, 1984 S1-P17
Quarter Bar Owner is Found Slain at Home
       A French Quarter bar owner was found bludgeoned to death Thursday [May 31] in the bedroom of his apartment, police said.
       The victim was identified a Eugene Davis, 58, 522 Dauphine St., owner of Gregory's Lounge at 439 Dauphine.
       Davis' body was discovered about 10 am by a workman who was repairing the house, police said.
       The death was unclassified until an autopsy later Thursday revealed that Davis was beaten on the head several times with a blunt object ... -
June 3, 1984, S1-P22
Eugene C. Davis Services Monday
       Funeral services for Eugene C. Davis will be held at 11 am Monday [4th]...
       Mr. Davis, 59, was found dead Thursday [May 31] morning in his home, apparently beaten to death, according to police.
       Mr. Davis was a native of Pennsylvania and a resident of New Orleans for 28 years. [At the Shaw trial in 1969, he said he had been living in N.O. for 18-20 years.] He was a French Quarter merchant and owned and operated Gregory's Lounge. He was a member of No. 35 Moose Lodge and Celestial Knights...
Jerry Shinley

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