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Dean Andrews' Perjury Conviction Overturned



Subject: Dean Andrews' Perjury Conviction Overturned
Date: 2/29/00 9:27 AM Eastern Standard Time
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New Orleans Times-Picayune June 10, 1972 S1-P4

Court Upsets 1967 Conviction
Andrews Granted New Trial in Shaw [sic] Case

       The Louisiana Supreme Court Friday [9th] ordered a new trial for attorney Dean A. Andrews Jr., who was convicted in 1967 on three counts of perjury [...]

       The court reversed the Aug 13, 1967, judgment of Criminal Court Judge Frank J. Shea, and remanded the suit to him.

       Only last week, Andrews filed in the Supreme Court an appeal for his 1967 conviction, which resulted in Judge Shea's sentencing him to three concurrent terms of 18 months in prison.

       The Supreme Court's action Friday was in response to a petition to remand filed by District Attorney Jim Garrison and John P. Dowling, attorney for Andrews.

       The petition said the district attorney and Dowling showed the court that the trial judge's insistence in 1967 upon rushing Andrews to trial deprived Andrews of a fair trial and effective assistance of counsel in violation of Sixth and Fourteenth Amendment rights in the U.S. Constitution.

       The petition said Judge Shea refused Andrews a continuance of his trial on Aug 9, 1967, even though his lawyer withdrew from the case the morning before.

       It said Andrews had to take over and try a motion to recuse the district attorney before his perjury trial began Aug 9 and 10, 1967.

       On August 11, 1967, it said, a new lawyer took over Andrews's defense without opportunity to prepare for it.

       By returning the suit to Criminal District court, it will not be necessary for the Supreme Court to review the appeal filed by Andrews.


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