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Dean Andrews Drafts Anti-Gambling Ordinance



Subject: Dean Andrews Drafts Anti-Gambling Ordinance
Date: 18 Jul 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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New Orleans Times-Picayune March 24, 1961 S1-P1

Council Votes New Gambling Curb for Jeff[erson Parish]
License Similar to U. S. Wagering Stamp

       The Jefferson Parish council Thursday [23rd] passed an emergency ordinance which could force some gamblers to make public the addresses of their illegal activities.

       The ordinance would have no immediate effect on gamblers doing business in the incorporated areas of the parish - Gretna, Grand Isle, Kenner, Harahan and Westwego.

       Sheriff John G. Fitzgerald said he will ask these municipalities to adopt similar ordinances. He said the ordinance passed by the council "gives me the necessary instrument to eradicate gambling in Jefferson parish."


       The sheriff said plans for the ordinance were drafted Sunday at Jefferson Downs racetrack. [!]


       Dean A. Andrews, attorney and a captain in the sheriff's department, drafted the emergency ordinance.

       When he was asked how the measure will affect cities in the parish, Andrews replied: "Well, happy headache powders to the cities."


       Andrews said no other governing body "has had the intestinal fortitude to sit down and type such an ordinance, much less pass it."


       [end of excerpts]

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