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Clay Shaw on the Soviet Trade War 1958



Subject: Clay Shaw on the Soviet Trade War 1958
Date: 1/31/99 6:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
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New Orleans Times-Picayune July 5, 1958 P30
Red Trade War Methods Noted
       The trade war on the West begun by the Soviets indicates that they have reached an economy with a tolerable level of consumer goods, Clay Shaw, managing director of the International Trade Mart, said Thursday [3rd] at a meeting of the Executives Club at the Roosevelt Hotel.
       The Russians control production like we control our Army, Shaw said, adding that production can be used by the Russinas to either reward or punish other nations by overproduction or sharing the market.
       Recently, he said, the Russians have "played hob" with the world's aluminum market by cutting down sharply on their prices. They see no need for making profit and will sell at a loss solely to gain economic control of other nations.
       The answer to this trade war is a closer integration of the economies of the Free Western World to make our own productions more stable, Shaw concluded.
New Orleans Times Picayune August 3, 1958 P5
Architect Due to Study Mart
Noted Designer Arrives in City Monday
       [brief quotation:]
       "Our project [new ITM building] will be a symbol in stone and steel," said [William] Zetzmann [ITM president]. "It will mean that New Orleans has enlisted for the duration in the economic war Russia has declared upon the west."
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