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The Councilor and the Madcap Aviator of Orleans



Subject: The Concilor and the Madcap Aviator of Orleans
Date: 3/27/00 9:16 AM Eastern Standard Time
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The Councilor   Feb 20, 1967 (see RIF# 124-10041-10314)

The Madcap Aviator of Orleans

[reprint from March 15, 1964 issue of the Councilor]

       Meanwhile, a fresh and promising lead. It is too early to reveal the source of this information or the name of the suspect.

       (But he's a lively one!)

       Living in New Orleans is a former airlines pilot who has many false diplomas and other bits of false identification. He has a record of arrests for contributing to the delinquency of minor boys -- some of whom he taught the rudiments of aircraft use in warfare. Reports from authoritative sources note additional co-incidences:

(1) He flew to Laredo shortly [line illegible] [Mexi?]co City.

(2) He owns a rifle which is supposed to be identical to the one which killed JFK.

[Did anyone other than Jack Martin claim this?]

(3) He was involved in Europe in the processing of immigrants seeking entry to the U.S., probably as an "attorney." But he isn't an attorney.

[This one is new to me.]

(4) Information on his source of income is sketchy.

(5) He is supposedly involved in anti-Castro politics. (The anti- Castro label is not proof that he is in fact anti-Castro. [Just ask Perry Russo.] Oswald showed up mysteriously in Florida claiming to be an anti-Castro agent.)

(6) The man knew Oswald and shared mutual interests.

[end of excerpt]

       The Councilor, based in Shreveport, La., was the offcial paper of the White Citizens' Councils of Louisiana. It's interesting to me that they had singled out David Ferrie, without naming him, as early as March, 1964. It's also interesting that they didn't choose to mention Ferrie's ties to Carlos Marcello and Guy Banister, who had his own connections with White Citizens' Council circles in New Orleans. Their source would seem to be Jack Martin, someone from Garrison's office or perhaps someone familiar with the FAA/EAL investigation of Ferrie.

Jerry Shinley

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